Yoga is one of the most ancient and effective ways to lose body fat and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is a combination of various asanas which involve stretching and meditation. It focuses on curing all problems from within our body and strengthens one from inside. While practising yoga is beneficial and gives great results, but as there are no shortcuts to success there are none to yoga. For yoga, one needs to be patient as it gives results gradually. Generally, there is a lack of patience among people and they want quick results and for that, they even resort to surgeries and various weight reducing pills that harm them in long run. Yoga is just the opposite, it gives you gradual long term results and increases your fitness, immunity and life.

While there are many yoga asanas but here we will discuss some basic asanas for beginners which are easy, effective and result-oriented. Before discussing the starters I shall rob you of your misconception that it is for the old, and those who ain’t willing to go to the gym. Completely wrong, while gym builds muscles yoga builds flexibility, as weights are important, so is yoga.

I shall name the yoga asanas that we will discuss here today at a glance then will look at them one by one.

  • Surya namaskar (sun salutation)
  • Dhanurasana (bow pose)
  • Bhujaganasana (cobra pose)
  • Kapalbhati pranayama
  • Tadasana (mountain pose)
  • Uttanasana
  • Trikonasana
  • Badhaa konasana (bound angle pose)
  • Eagle twist asana
  • Shrishasana (head pose)

Well before taking the asanas one by one, I wanna make it clear that the best time for yoga is only early morning. So I would suggest you make it a habit to do yoga early in the morning.



As the name suggests and I have advised, this asana is to be done in the morning. Follow the steps suggested in the image and complete the asana. It is considered to be an amalgamation of 12 asanas. It has many benefits from reducing stress, lower back pain, anxiety, sleep disorders like insomnia to improving balance, body posture, fatigue problems, etc.



It is also called the bow pose. It is a very effective weight loss asana and to add to it, it also increases body flexibility. It strengthens the ankle, back, spinal cord, abdomen, thighs etc. and in the abdomen organs, it improves the functioning of the kidney, pancreas, and intestines. Also improves digestion.



This pose not only reduces weight but also increases metabolism. It is also known as the cobra pose. It improves the functions of the gall bladder, kidney, liver and pancreas. Ingestion, insomnia (lack of sleep) and spine problems can also be cured and it is particularly beneficial for the lower back.



This exercise cures all stomach problems and yes it is a perfect exercise for weight loss. Just 5-10 minutes of kapalbhati increases the metabolism of the body and not just that, it also removes toxins from the body. It also cures some respiratory troubles (like asthma). Weight loss, constipation, acidity, diabetes you name the problem and it is the remedy.

TADASANA (mountain pose):


It is the best asana to help increase your height. This is a great way of giving your hands, neck, back and spine some massage.



This asana shifts the blood flow to the brain. This is a great asana for your arm and leg stretching. Further, it even is a method of giving your shoulder a stretch. Enabling your arms to stretch and relax this asana might seem easy but when starting, is difficult at first. Inhale while going down, this makes it a little easier.



This is the best exercise for expecting women. Not only does this help reducing stress, blood pressure, anxiety, and blood flow but also stretches and strengthen the muscles of your body. It also adds to your concentration levels making it a must-do for all the students and working people.



This exercise is greatly helpful or the starting point to full leg stretch as it helps open up the hips and enriches your leg flexibility. It also is helpful for people having bench work and sitting long hours at a stretch. An easy and effective way to solve various problems.



Increases side-to-side flexibility and also relieves one from the back, lower back and side pains. It also works against your abdomen fat and is an effective exercise to burn fat. Easy to do and hard to miss is what can be the description of this asana.



This is a little difficult for starters but u can at first use a wall as the supporter. One has to stand upside down in this asana. It cures insomnia, increases the blood flow to the brain, and solves spinal problems. This asana also works for the improvement of concentration and mental fitness. If you continuously suffer from headaches and liver diseases you should definitely do this one.

So friends! Keep doing Yoga, stay fit and flexible 🙂 Do not forget to share the results.


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