If you are a true nail lover, we’re sure you know what a French manicure is. Every nail enthusiast must have gotten the OG classic manicure done at least once in their life. But do you know what’s a reverse French manicure?

Also known as an Inverted French, the Reverse French manicure is nothing but a fun twist to the popular nail design. Here’s why it is the new talk of the town.

Why is Reverse French Manicure the New Talk of the Town?

A French manicure is a nail design that has remained a timeless elegance for generations. Over the years, manicurists and nail lovers have played with colors and patterns to elevate the look of the classic nude and white nail design. Speaking of reverse French manicure, it is one more spin to the age-old design adding more fun and panache to the idea. 

The staple nail trend has now become a new talk of the town with people drifting more towards this ‘inverted’ version. People are looking for out-of-the-box nail designs and experimenting with graphics and complimentary colors to don this fascinating new trend. It is winning all hearts over the Internet as it is a refreshing interpretation of the classic mani style.

A New Version of the Classic French Manicure

The elegant French manicure is a subtle nude on the base with a crisp white opaque line at the end of the free edge. And, this new version of the classy design is a modification that involves reversing both colors. 

With this fun spin, the reverse French tip nails are the newest trend that gives the best of both worlds to your nails. You can add both drama and subtlety to your mani with this fun idea. It can work well with all colors, patterns, and designs and gives you room to play while wearing the design multiple times in your mani routine.

Who Can Style a Reverse French Manicure?

If you are someone who has a unique taste when it comes to nail art, this idea is the perfect one for you. You can flaunt your aesthetic for subtle glam with this elegant and abstract style. Express your creativity through your nail art with this modern solution to the good old French manicure. 

No matter whether you have long nails or short, the reverse French manicure looks perfect in all lengths and shapes. So, if you want to flaunt your natural nails or want to go for fake extensions, you can choose to wear this nail art with absolutely anything and everything.

How to Do a Reverse French Manicure?

Now that you’ve decided to go for reverse French tip nails for your next manicure session, you can either get it done professionally or even DIY it from the comfort of your home. Besides, you can also play with colors and patterns when it comes to the inverted French manicure.

Here’s a simple 5-step routine to follow to get the look:

  1. The first step in any manicure is to prep your nails right. Always start by cleaning the cuticle and nail surface. Follow up with trimming and filing the nail to a desired length and shape. Finally, buff the nail surface and layer it up with a clear base coat.
  2. Once the base coat is dry, choose your colors. Either opt for the classic nude and white or choose contrasting colors in pastel and deeper tones. Apply 2 smooth coats of the nude or pastel color all over the base drying between coats.
  3. Pick a thin and sturdy nail art brush. Draw a white or deeper-color line towards the rear end of the nail. Follow the shape of the cuticle to remain as natural in your design as possible. Be gentle and avoid flooding the skin around the cuticle.
  4. Make the French curve on all the fingernails. Ensure all the fingers have an even and equal-sized accent tip. Avoid going too thick or too thin depending on the pattern you desire. Avoid bulgy layers; instead, opt for two coats if needed.
  5. Allow the product to dry between coats. Fix any flaws using a cotton ball dipped in a small amount of acetone. Once everything is dry, seal it all in with a high-shine long-lasting top coat. Finish it off with a cuticle oil and you’re good to go.

Wrapping Up Reverse French Manicure

Are you bored with the same old French manicures? But also want to stay in your soft girl era with the subtle and chic vibes of the classy design? This fun twist on a classic look offers a fresh and stylish way to express yourself. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle elegance or a bold statement, a reverse French manicure caters to all preferences. 

Embrace the versatility and charm of this manicure trend and let your nails make a chic and contemporary statement that’s sure to turn heads!

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Why is Reverse French Manicure the New Talk of the Town?

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