4 Ways Fiction Skews Our Relationship Expectations

Fiction is wonderful because it exposes us to alternate lives and realities that it can be nice to escape into. Indeed, several great figures in literary history have remarked upon the idea of literature allowing people to live (in some sense) multiple lives. Perhaps most recently, Game Of Thrones author George R.R. Martin, through one […]

Mental Illness And Social Media – Yes, There’s a Connection!

Do you remember the last time you spent an entire day away from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat? If your answer is a profound no, well, do not worry because many are rocking the same boat. Today, it is hard to spend a day without the use of social media, thanks to the vast opportunities […]

5 Places To Explore In Bangalore By Foot

The traffic in Bangalore has grown to become an entity on its own. No longer can Bangaloreans recognize the choked roads that were once part of the Garden City. And while everyone may choose to crib and sigh about the angelic days that have since passed us, everyone prefers to go out and make the […]

Preparing For A Wedding Proposal

Proposing to the woman you love can be an overwhelming thing to do. Before you proceed, you should know that there are several things that should be done. Continue reading and be certain that you will be prepared for the big day. The Parents The first thing you need to do is to talk to […]

10 Biggest Turn Offs For Guys In Girls

Well guys are not so very complex creatures like women and you need to understand them well before you get start dating them. They like some things and they don’t like some things and knowing them all in advance help you present a better part of you in front of them. So here we will […]

8 Things That Men Like In Women Except Good Looks

Well there are many things that men like in women. Looks are one of them, they always desire their women to be good in looks but there are certainly some things that men want in women more than good looks. Today we will tell you about just these things. These things will help you make […]

Inflatable zone

INFLATABLE ZONE: An Online Portal To Cater To The Needs Of Inflatable Products

Inflatable zone is a prime and leading company and online portal to cater to the needs in various professional matters. Since its establishment in 2008, it has been operative in producing numerous of inflatable products with advanced technology. They are dedicated in providing top notch after sales services, drop ship facilitation services etc.   There […]

9 Men’s Traits Modern Women Value The Most

We live in quite a peculiar era when the distinction between gender roles blurs. It’s obvious that the conceptions of femininity and masculinity change; many people aren’t secure about how to build romantic relationships properly. In this article, our experts from Ukrainian Brides Dating on Godatenow.com will outline the men’s qualities women fall for. Read […]



Most of us would have held a beer bottle or beer can in our hands and sipped it up, but how many of us have thought about making use of the beer in some different ways? Do you know beer can be used for a variety of uses apart from the usual use of, getting […]

“We’re single, but not ‘leftovers'”

International Prestige Skincare Brand SK-II are now premiering the film called Marriage Market to put a spotlight on the real life issue of Chinese women being pressured to get married before the age of 25. Numerous Chinese women have daringly chosen to speak on this controversial subject in recent Chinese history about the Sheng Nu […]