Do panties come in types? You’re probably very curious to know what they are right? Yes, you heard it, right ladies! Panties come in different types, fabrics, and styles. Without further ado let me briefly explain to you the different types and styles available in today’s market!

1. Bikini panty:


Bikini panties are trending and a favourite among women of all ages across the whole world. These panties are comfortable enough to be paired with almost any outfit. These lovely bikini panties are a great alternative for all the women who are not team thongs. Bikini bottoms are a bit slimmer on the sides and have high-cut leg linings. If you are looking for good coverage without compromising on elegance and comfort, these panties are the best choice.

2. Thongs:


Say goodbye to boring granny panties and welcome these amazing thongs to your lingerie wardrobe. These astonishing thongs will literally disappear under all your tight-fitted jeans, bodycon dresses, tights, and leggings. These panties have many benefits, sexy appearance, and comfort top the list while no VPL(visible panty lines) being the most useful ones. Thongs have a narrow waistband and no back coverage, with just a triangular piece of cloth between the buttocks. 

3. Hipsters:


Also called hip huggers, these hipster panties got their name from the fact that the waistband sits just two inches below the waist, on the hips. These hipsters provide amazing side coverage and give a sexy toned figure. These hipsters come in three types: High waist, mid-waist, and low waist. The high-waisted ones tuck all that extra fat and give you a sleek look. 

4. Boyshorts:


Many new underwear types have emerged recently, with boyshorts being one of the most common and comfortable ones. Girls and women of all ages can wear these cute boyshorts. They’re super comfortable enough to wear for a workout as well as a pleasant night’s sleep. Add these sexy boyshorts to your lingerie closet and wear them under all of your outfits to stay comfortable and cool all day. 

5. Seamless panties:


Seamless panties are the basic foundation of your lingerie closet. Seamless panties ensure no Visible Panty Lines (VPL) as it’s completely seamless and you can wear any body-hugging outfit without worrying about those awkward panty lines. You can wear these panties under tight-fitted dresses, leggings, and gym tights.

Now you know all the different types and styles of panties that are available in today’s market ladies. Remember to pay equal attention to your underwear closet or else you have to face all those awkward situations. Choose accordingly and rock all your outfits!

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