Ethnic clothing is an integral part of our country’s identity; every piece is adorned with culturally rich embroideries, embellishments, fabrics, designs, etc. As far as ethnic wear goes, sarees are easily one thing that holds major significance in terms of fashion as well culture. Sarees have now become a globally accepted and appreciated item of clothing while a considerable part of India’s young population is letting go of wearing sarees too frequently, often due to how heavy they can be. This, however, is a problem you can quickly solve by investing in some high quality printed sarees online, both comfortable and stylish; you can now flaunt your ethnic side every day. Here are some of the best-printed sarees online you should look for:

  1. Cotton Sarees: You can never go wrong with organic fabrics like cotton, as they are meant to be incredibly soft on the skin and comfortable. Cotton sarees are lightweight, making them convenient to drape and carry the entire day without any issues. You can style cotton sarees with some stud earrings and simple bangles.
  2. Silk Sarees: Another organic fabric, silk is known for its soft feel and rich look. While you can save silk sarees for special occasions, prints on silk fabric are something you can pull off every day. Shop for some silk printed sarees with heavier prints on the palla and style it with an elegant pendant. Online shopping sites like Libas offer silk sarees online of various types like silk blends, Chanderi silk and more.
  3. Chiffon Sarees: Chiffon sarees are famous for their lightweight feel and casual look. Chiffon fabric sometimes has a transparent look, and you can style it very tastefully with a solid blouse and printed saree. This is perfectly ideal for everyday use as it’ll make you feel cosy and stylish all day long.
  4. Linen Sarees: Linen is a fabric that’s known for being one of the best ones when it comes to daily use. Linen sarees are soft on your skin and perfect for summers as they’re sweat absorbent. However, as Indian weather holds constant humidity regardless of the season, you can wear these all year round. Linen sarees will drape across you beautifully and highlight your body in a flattering way.
  5. Satin Sarees: The high durability factor of satin fabric makes it optimal for daily use. Not only are satin sarees very comfortable, but they also look exquisite, and you’ll be able to find these sarees online at very affordable price ranges. Satin sarees are just what you need to take your everyday outfits up a notch and add some grace to them.


Online shopping sites like Libas that offer ethnic clothing options like sarees online feature an extensive collection of all the options listed above and more. Find your favourite ones from a range of different prints like floral prints, geometric prints, block prints, multicoloured prints, stripes, polka dots and many, many more. This beautiful collection of sarees online is an excellent opportunity to get reacquainted with the traditional side of you, so go ahead and start shopping!


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