Most people don’t care much about their joints until they start to develop some problems. Your joints need proper care and attention before it causes discomfort.  

Prevention is always the best cure when it comes to joint pains. Keeping your joints healthy as early as possible can keep you from potential joint problems when you get older. These problems could cause a significant impact on both your mobility and overall health. 

Taking food supplements like Meriva, along with some lifestyle changes, can keep your joints healthy and will alleviate any possible joint issues as you age. 

Below are some more tips: 

Drink water and avoid soda and energy drinks 

Your body’s cartilage (the supportive tissue between your joints) is made up of 80% water. Once your body becomes dehydrated, it will get some water from the cartilage and other areas, and this can cause a lot of problems in your joints. 

If you are drinking soda and energy drinks often, replace it with water to keep your joints and heart hydrated. Make sure that you have access to clean drinking water all the time and drink as soon as you feel thirsty. Increase your water intake when you exercise or when the weather is hot. 

Quit smoking 

Tobacco and smoking do not only damage your cardiovascular system and cause cancer. They can also damage your joints.  

Smoking increases inflammation all over your body, obstructing its capabilities to heal and recover from an injury. If it is hard for you to quit smoking, think about this: The level of carbon monoxide in your blood normalizes and the levels of oxygen increases within eight hours when you stop smoking. 

Manage your weight 

Your joints can only support a certain amount of force. Both being overweight and underweight can put stress on your joints more than you think. 

Every 10 pounds of excess weight are putting around 20 to 39 pounds of force to your knee. On the other hand, you will lack muscle bulk to keep your joints stable and strong if you are underweight. 

If you think your body is not in its normal weight, you may need to talk to your dietician or physician to know your ideal weight. They can also prepare a healthy diet plan that will work for you.  

Moreover, regular exercise can also help you maintain your weight. Good joint exercises include bicycling, swimming, walking on shallow water or uninclined treadmill, Pilates, and Yoga. 

Feel your body 

Muscle normally sores after exercise. Aching joints after exercise is another story. Getting some sore after an exercise that easily goes away is fine. However, if you develop joint pains after an exercise, your body is telling you that something is wrong.  

With this in mind, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible to know the problem. It could be something minor, like an incorrect form of exercise. Moreover, it could be more serious such as the early-onset osteoarthritis. Remember that a disease cannot be prevented or slowed until you know it is already there. 

Take food supplements for joints 

Taking a food supplement can keep your joints healthy and protected from possible damage. A study showed that taking one gram of Meriva twice a day can increase your performance and mobility by a whopping 201% within two months of taking the supplement.  

Moreover, it is proven that the supplement can also reduce stiffness and pain and neutralize muscle soreness and aches. 

Your joints are the one that receives most of the punishments from your movements. You must take good care of it at an early age to keep it from bothering you when you get older.


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Keep Your Joints Healthy as You Age

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