Welcome to our Indian Beauty, Fashion, Makeup and Bridal Blog. A big Helllllooo… to all! This blog is founded by Rashmi and Jyoti.
 Let us introduce ourselves one by one:
Jyoti and Rashmi Beauty and Fashion Freaks
  • “Rashmi” Co-Founder and Editor at beauty & fashion freaks(beauty and fashion blog): I am a Banker by profession and an Economist by education, living in Pune. I am crazy about beauty and fashion(what all I can say is that beauty and fashion is literally my drug;-)). This inspired me to find a place where I can talk about beauty, fashion, and my likes and dislikes.

Little more about me:

1) I have a fair skin tone with normal to oily texture.

2) I am obsessed with face packs, hair packs and makeup products. You will find almost every kind of skin creams, beauty product on my vanity table. In fact, most of my sis’s beauty products can be found in my custody and she gets them back when they are finished ;-).

3) I cant live without a Sunscreen Lotion, Lip Balm, Kajal, an Umbrella and a Mirror 😉

4) Apart from my passion for beauty and fashion, I love music, dance, movies, photography, travelling, adventure sports…and the list goes on and on :-).

5) Moreover I am a fitness freak. I am also obsessed with staying active and physically fit.

6) I believe that inner beauty and health is as important as outer looks and beauty. So eat right, do physical exercise, stay healthy and fit as what you eat shows on your skin and face :-).

  • “Jyoti” Co-Founder and Editor at beauty & fashion freaks (beauty and fashion blog): I am commerce professional as well as a freelancer fashion designer living in Delhi. I have always been inclined towards beauty, fashion and fine arts. I do makeup, design clothes and do painting whenever I get time. I believe life without beauty, fashion and arts is worthless.

Jyoti Beauty and Fashion Freeks

Little more about me:

1) I am 5 feet 7 inches tall.

2) I have a medium skin tone with a bit of oily texture.

3) I love using lip gloss, cant live without kajal, eye lash curler and sunscreen lotion with at least 30 SPF.

4) I love beauty and love using good brands for makeup and clothes.

5) I don’t believe that fairness is to do something with beauty, skin tone doesn’t matter to me, and how you carry yourself is the most important thing 😉


Now we have had a lot of chit chat about over selves, lets come to this blog. This blog is all about beauty, fashion, celebrity fashion, reviews, new trends, bridal, shopping, wellness and full on masti ;-).

CONTACT: beautyandfashionfreaks(at)gmail(dot).com

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