Hey guys! Today I am going to share the new rule book for the new generation for Prom. In the 80s, it was all about partying and breaking the rules. In 90s, the traditional etiquette rules of guys asking girls first and paying for everything remained strong. During early 00s, it was all about outdoing each other and over spending. Now for teens of the 10s the rules are all new…


Prom Cost can be divided between the couple:

Well it is no longer necessary that the guy should bare all the expenses. As we all know the costs have risen significantly, so it is fair enough to split it between the two.

Anyone can ask anyone for Prom:

It is no longer required that a guy should ask the girl to prom, even a girl can ask the same to the guy which is totally acceptable. As same sex marriages are getting legalised in many states, so even a girl can ask a girl or a guy can ask a guy for Prom. So literally anyone can ask anyone for prom.

Prom dresses can be long or short:

You are no longer required to go for long prom gowns only, you can opt for any length dress as long as it is formal. The hem of your prom dress is up to you now, it can be tea length or just above the knee, it is completely your wish. You can get one of your choice from msdress from their latest collection named Prom Dresses 2015.




Manners are as important as always:

Manners are something which cannot go out of fashion at a formal event like prom. So prom etiquette is still very important. For example always remember using words like sorry and thank you, never talk with mouth full and always be respectful and kind to others at prom.

Limos are not the only option for prom:

Well guys Limo is no more a norm, so even a vintage car or a party bus or other rides are also very much acceptable.

Prom Planning is still a thing:

Well guys prom planning will never go out of style, be it for one night or for a whole weekend depending on your group of friends. It can be as simple as a party or something more elaborated like renting a beach house for few days with friends.

So this is it for now, I hope you enjoyed reading about the new prom trends.

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