Oil is a very touchy topic for me. I have had oily skin for so long. It is only now that it is becoming more of combination skin. However, still, someone speaks about oily skin and facial oils, I get nostalgic. 🙂 I still remember those days when oils like coconut, almond, castor, etc. were considered out of bounds for oily skin. And the only known way to keep your oily skin acne-free was stripping it down of any oil it had. Well, all of us now know that those were all the wrong practices. And thank god, all skins can enjoy the multiple benefits a good facial oil offers. 🙂

However, essential oils still seem to be a mystery for many. Unlike oils, essential oils are not technically ‘oils’. They are the strongest plant extracts you can get. That is why they are so potent and to be used in minuscule amounts. Essential oils are really beneficial to us in several ways. However, there are certain precautions you need to take while using essential oils.

General well being

Essential oils are the safest and easiest way to ensure the general well being of your body. Several common health issues like headaches, colds, cramps, PMS, joint pains, etc. can be treated by using essential oils. Applying or inhaling essential oils will relieve you of these painful conditions and ensure that there are no side effects as with using medicines and antibiotics.


Skin issues

Essential oils seem to be a solution to each and every skin issue you might have. Firstly, the essential oils suit almost all skin types. You obviously need to do a patch test before applying it to your skin. Most essential oils also need to be diluted with carrier oils. If you are suffering from a skin problem like acne, pores, blemishes, scars, dark spots, etc, trust me there will be an essential oil to cure your issue.

Hair Care

Common hair problems like dandruff, oily or itchy scalp, dry hair, hair fall, etc. can be cured easily and effectively by using essential oils. You just need to mix a drop or two of an effective essential oil in your regular hair oil and massage. You will see long-lasting results soon.



If you ever think of starting an anti-ageing regime for your skin, you need to have some essential oils in your arsenal. Essential oils are very effective in preventing wrinkles on your face. They are also useful in treating other issues associated with ageing like dullness, sagging of skin, etc. Your anti-ageing kit is incomplete without essential oils.

Relieving stress

Essential oils have been used in aromatherapy to relieve stress and relax your body. The essential oils can be applied topically or used in a massage to relieve unwanted stress. You can also use essential oils in a diffuser to create a refreshing and relaxing environment at home.

Sleeping issues

Essential oils like lavender also help in dealing with insomnia. If you are having trouble sleeping, try using essential oils before resorting to sleeping pills. It is a safe and effective way to deal with sleeping troubles.

Learning and concentration

Several essential oils like rosemary and peppermint are helpful while studying and concentrating. These oils are supposed to sharpen your memories and help in crucial exams. So, if you are having trouble studying or concentrating at work, do try essential oils.


Not just solving skin troubles or anti-ageing concerns, essential oils can also be used as effective moisturizers for your face and body. Mix few drops in your body lotion or face cream and experience the long-lasting moisture.


Cleaning your house

Yes just not for health or skin problems, you can use essential oils in your regular cleaning activities also. Orange or lemon oil are effective in removing any stains or germs in your house. You can also use essential oils in sprays to refresh your house, instead of using artificial chemical sprays.

Hope you will try essential oils and discover their amazing benefits. But, be cautious while using these oils. Always do a patch test and dilute essential oils before using them on your skin.


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