There has been a time in each of our lives where we have wondered whether we have gained too much fat or whether that stubborn belly has started to show up. Not to mention the nightmares we have afterwards. Gym is what we look for in those troubling waters, but many a times even they don’t end up showing desired results. Today we are here to talk just about the remedy which you may require in such times.

Having been much of a gym goer myself, I don’t go for such products but seeing what it has to promise I nevertheless went on to use it and to the surprising satisfaction of my zealous hopeful self, I did end up giving a thumbs up to the product.



Well it is prudent to start off with a disclaimer at the very start to make a few things clear and bust the unreasonable wishes some people might possess. So for all those who think this is some sort of a magic pill that will reduce their weight overnight, sorry to disappoint, it isn’t. Rather, ideally one should make a habit of working out (preferably) even if minimal. Also, some control over diet i.e. not being reckless and eating all the cheese on the table, is strongly suggested, for a product can only do so much, and for the very fact that supplements are called so for a reason!

For those of you who are still reading let’s start with some serious and realistic analysis of the product.


To start with, this product contains coffee bean extracts widely known for their fat reduction properties. The product enhances your fat breaking potential with break through Svetol. Also the manufacturer claims it to be “the most scientifically researched brand of green coffee bean extracts”. As it appears, the product contains clinically approved Svetol, a natural antioxidant.


Target/ purpose

The product’s primary aim is to target, firstly obesity and secondly promotion of weight loss. This essentially means this has been designed to target a large chunk of population who simply want some Kgs off their back.

Warning / precautions

Even though no prescription of doctors is required to take these tablets, but the product clearly says that “pregnant or lactating women, and people with known medical conditions should consult a licensed physician/pharmacist before taking the product”. Therefore if one goes by the description, the product can be taken by a fit individual without a cause of worry.


The capsules are suggested to be taken 2-3 times a day before meals. Considering the pack consists of 60 tablets, the consumption period turns out to be 20-30 days.


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My Experience With Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Plus 400

Now coming to the most important part of the post, how did it turn out for me?

Well to start off a little background of my usage is necessary to put things in context. I had started a light workout schedule 2 months prior to the commencement of its use. That light workout included 15 minutes jog and some free hand exercises like pushups, planks and abs crunches. All and all a 30 min workout plan.



I had in two months not seen much improvement. Only a loss of 1.5-2 Kgs. Then I started taking these capsules after reading and researching whatever l could. I now have consumed a full pack taking 2 capsules a day. With nearly the same workout plan, with minor changes here and there, I have been able to reduce 4 Kgs within less than a month (28 days to be precise).

As mentioned earlier, I have been diligent with my diet but that doesn’t take away the credit from the product. The fact that I experienced almost 2 times the improvement in less than half of the days, does say something about the product. It seems a useful catch to me.

Final Verdict

I wouldn’t say the capsules are some magic, but they at least as seemed to me, were a reliable help in making me move towards my goals faster. I would definitely recommend it to people who cannot workout rigorously  but want results faster without much of side-effects, which many other supplements and gym totkas bring with them.

So this one definitely gets a thumb up from my side.

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Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Plus 400 Review & Pictures

  1. Although I’m not sure I’d personally try these, I’m so pleased to hear they’ve been effective for you and helped you out on your health journey! 🙂

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