A significant body is a way to a great life. That stands true for Bollywood actors. If you too drool over your favourite Bollywood actor’s chiselled body, you need to start working out soon. There are numerous workouts available if you wish to build your physique. You can start with a chest workout and make a great upper body. Once you start doing a chest workout, you will have a chest that will be larger than life. 

After you do your chest workout, you can wear your shirts and T-shirts that look super stylish. With a proper chest workout, you can flaunt your muscles by wearing a muscle T-shirt, especially on a beach day. If you want to start doing chest workouts, we have some easy ones, to begin with. 

1. Push-ups: This is the best chest workout for men because you can do them just anywhere and anytime. This workout needs no introduction, but you must only remember that your hands should be shoulder-width apart while doing push-ups, and your legs should be hip-width apart.

2. Suspended push-ups: If you’ve mastered the art of doing push-ups, you can move on to the next chest workout, which is an advanced level of the regular push up for which you’ll need TRX straps. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and your arms extended in front of your chest. As you lower yourself, tighten your core and stop when your arms are just outside your shoulders. 

3. Dips: Stand between both bars of the dip machine, put one hand on each bar and start lifting yourself off the floor while leaning ahead until your chest is slightly facing downwards. Bend your arms, start lowering yourself, and then lift yourself back up to the start position. This chest workout will also shape up your triceps and shoulder muscles.

4. Plate press out: You can do this chest workout with a plate that weighs between 10-45 pounds. Hold the plate with your feet hip-width apart using your hands, and then put your arms ahead of your chest. Squeeze the shoulders to bring the plates closer to your chest and extend them back again.

5. Resistance band pull apart: This chest workout also makes up for the best warm-up and cool-down routine. Stretch your arms in front of your body and hold the resistance band. Spread your arms as wide as you can while bringing your shoulder blades together. Keep stretching the band until it touches your chest, and then return to the start position.

6. Seated pec deck machine: After sitting at the pec deck machine, maintain 90 degrees of your elbows while pulling the handles backwards. You should feel your chest stretching. While doing this chest workout, make sure the energy comes from your forearms and chest.

Start doing these chest workouts, and you will get a ripped physique with time. Ensure you perform them correctly to avoid injuries, but in case you hurt yourself, it’s better to know how to manage injuries while exercising. Do these chest workouts at least once a day, and with enough practice, you can build a muscular body.


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6 Killer Chest Workouts for Strengthening the Upper Body

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