No two beautiful things are alike, just like us- women! But have you ever blamed your body for not fitting in a dress or not being able to pull off a ‘gram inspired’ look? If the answer is yes, we have something that might help you discover your fashion style and boost your confidence.

Fashion is not just about following trends. Rather a way of communicating, channelling, and expressing your inner self. So, first things first, know your body shape and learn how to dress for your body type. Once you figure this out, it’s amazing how easy it is to build a wardrobe full of flattering and comfortable fits for your silhouette.


Your body shape is mostly determined by your genetics and skeletal structure. However, it can be modified a little by exercise and diet. The sure-shot method to know your body type is measuring it. Take measurements of your bust, shoulders, waist, and hip. The ratio of these numbers will tell you the shape of your body frame. 

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Most women align with one of the 4 Basic Female Body Shapes: 

  • Apple or round
  • Pear or triangle
  • Hourglass
  • Rectangular or Atheltic.

Dresses for Apple Shape

Broad shoulders, fuller midsection, and well-proportioned body characterize Apple or Round body shape. If you are not as curvy through your hips, you are most likely to fall under this category. Women with this body shape tend to have great legs!

How to Style an Apple:

Since the upper body is fuller, focus on the mid-section to give your body a well-balanced look. Pick pieces that accentuate your neckline, bust, or shoulders. Try considering styles that can give you a defined waistline to divert attention from your upper body.   


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Let your Assets speak: generally legs and bust!

  • Use detailed hemline to highlight your legs
  • Opt for bright colours for the lower body
  • Embellishment around the necklines is your best friend.

Few Flattering Styles of Dresses for women with Apple Body Shape:

  • Flip, A-line, asymmetric, or bias skirts
  • Wrap dress
  • Shift dress
  • Wide-leg Jumpsuits.

Avoid Dressing in these styles:

  1. Tight-fitted playsuits
  2. Tiered skirts
  3. Fitted sleeves
  4. High necklines.

Dresses for Pear Shape 

Defined waist with large hips and comparatively narrow shoulders and bust are the key traits of this body shape. Women with Pear-shape tend to have fuller legs and thighs. The top half tends to be smaller.

How to Style a Pear:

The mantra for you Pear-shaped ladies is to focus on the upper body. Try diverting attention from the broad hips towards the defined waist and smaller upper body. This will help in creating a visual illusion of a balanced silhouette. Opt for interesting textures and prints on the top to draw eyes upwards.


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Let your Assets speak: generally waist and proportionate arms!

  • Big collars and ruffles can help you in balancing the broad lower body
  • Choose fun sleeve styles such as puff, cap, or bell when keeping them short
  • Befriend horizontal stripes.

Few Flattering Styles of Dresses for women with Pear Body Shape:

  • A-line dress
  • Tulip dress
  • Full, panelled, or bias skirts
  • Maxi dress
  • Culottes.

Avoid Dressing in these styles:

  1. Hip or leg patterns
  2. Dresses with dropped waistline
  3. Peplums or ruffles around the hips
  4. Boxy tops.

Dresses for Hourglass Shape 

Women with this body shape have a balanced figure: a narrow waist with roughly equal hip and bust measurements. Thighs are on the bigger side of this ‘curvy figure’. Shoulders can be slightly rounded.  

How to Style an Hourglass:

Due to the naturally balanced figure, highlighting the curves will work best for you. Dresses that accent your curvy waist can compliment your silhouette. Just make sure to not make either- bottom or top-heavy/busy, which will unbalance the body frame. 


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Let your Assets speak: generally proportionate-curvy figure!

  • Nothing like figure-hugging and fitted clothes!
  • The waist is your centerpiece! Accentuate it using belts especially in dark colours
  • Opt for rounded or oval necklines.

Few Flattering Styles of Dresses for women with Hourglass Body Shape:

  • Shift dress
  • Peplum dress
  • Bodycon dress
  • Belted and straight jumpsuits
  • Panelled waist dress

Avoid Dressing in these styles:

  1. Dresses with boxy cuts
  2. Straight-cut skirts
  3. Loose-fitting bottoms
  4. Loose sleeves.

Dresses for Rectangle Shape 

Equal measurements of bust, waist and hip define this athletic body shape. Women in this category of body frame tend to be lean and tall. Generally, the waist is not defined and weight is distributed somewhat equally throughout the body.

How to Style a Rectangle:

Well, you are lucky! Your body type can easily mimic other body shapes just by adding some dimension to your straight body frame. Textures, patterns, and embellishments can help you in defining your waist and curves. 


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Let your Assets speak: generally a balanced silhouette!

  • Statement collars to play up your bust
  • Embellished sleeves to add volume to the upper body
  • Belted waist.

Few Flattering Styles of Dresses for women with Rectangle Body Shape:

  • Wrap dress
  • Strapless 
  • dress
  • Belted jumpsuits
  • Asymmetrical dress
  • Layered skirt.

Avoid Dressing in these styles:

  1. Straight dresses
  2. Angular A-line skirts
  3. Boxy style tops
  4. Square necklines. 

Working with your body and embracing your features is very important. No, body type is ‘best’, ‘most-flattering’, or vice versa. The key to matching your body type to the perfect dress is to know your proportions. This guide is not to restrict you but to help you explore the variety of Dresses for Women and discover the most flattering pieces for styling your body type. 

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