Winters are a beautiful thing with no sweat, lower electricity bills, the sun seems to be pleasant. But if you are a fitness freak, well! then winters have their share of problems too. If you are a gym maniac then you will know this is the season of gaining weight, yeah people gain weight this season. So now you know the problem, it is weight gain! If you want to lose weight, well well well you will have some difficulty I tell you. But to solve that problem of yours, I will today discuss the most effective ways to lose fat in winters.

We know winters make us lazy and also increase our appetite and where ever these two integrate it results in body fat, thus keeping these in mind we will focus on our weight loss plan for this and every winter.



Well, winters accompany them a little more hours of sleep. That’s a great way to start in the first place. As if you sleep less than certain hunger boosting hormones get activated as a result you are a little more hungry and end up eating a lot more. Thus sleeping adequately is a great way of losing or at least not gaining any more fat this winter.



Whenever we think of winters we are reminded of a bowl full of hot soup. Soup is a winter’s friend, without a doubt. It’s a great way to fight the chill and also fill your tummy, reduce your hunger along with reducing your calorie intake. With a hot bowl of vegetable soup, we are in the right place. But yeah only go for vegetable soups and not those cream-filled soups as they have excess calories which you surely wouldn’t want if you want to lose weight. Further vegetable juice is rich in vitamins and minerals and low on carbs and fats are virtually absent. So a perfect food for winters if you want to lose fat.



Well, you also might have experienced if you don’t drink some water along with food, you end up eating 1 or 2 more chapatis. That’s it, sometimes what we need is water and inadequate water makes us eat a little more. With winters coming, we generally don’t drink much water thinking we don’t need it much. But the truth is 8-9 glasses of water a day is a must. So drink water properly it will also aid in losing a lot of your fat. Further sitting in front of the heater also results in a lot of water loss, there also we need a whole lot of water.



Yes have a whole lot of tea, it not only comforts you and makes you warm but will also aid in fat loss. But yeah remember I am talking about herbal or green tea as their abstracts and anti-oxidants help in fat loss. Plus they even taste better in winters. As for the previous point, they also keep you hydrated in an easier way with some better taste to your tongue.



Have as many fruits and veggies as possible. They are a great source of vitamins, minerals fibre etc. all of which aid in fat loss. To add to this they especially veggies, are very low on carbohydrates and fat is virtually absent. So fill your stomach with these this winter instead of the regular food that you take. They will give you more strength, power and nutrients that are just what your body needs for functioning better and helping you lose weight.

Well, as per my suggestion I would say follow all these with a good workout plan and I am more than sure you can easily reduce your weight. Diet and workout are complementary to each other so you need both hands for the clap of fat loss. Do share with us, how did these work out for you, and share the results. Till then eat healthily, stay fit fellas….!


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