Summertime is the perfect time for picnics! And what’s a picnic without the perfect outfit? If you’re looking for some ideas on how to dress for your next picnic, look no further! We’ve got some stylish outfits that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. So grab your basket and let’s get started!

The Loulia Top in pink + the bottom half of the Melina Set

Image: Alamour The Label

 As the image suggests, the Loulia Top and bottom half of the Melina Set are a picnic-perfect combination. For one thing, this outfit screams ‘pink’—which, in our books, makes it great by default. (The only other item in the Alamour wardrobe with a higher concentration of hot pink is the Analu Dress—which is like an ‘extended cut’ of the Loulia Top itself.) But more importantly, this outfit is an explosion of florals! And florals speak to springtime and summertime, which are the perfect seasons to picnic. 

The bottom half of the Melina Set is a high-waisted, figure-hugging, side-slitted midi skirt featuring pink, eye-catching floral print, which yet still appears somewhat understated. This is to underpin the ‘loud’ Loulia Top, which—let’s face it—is the main event here. The Loulia Top is like a boob tube with bunched sleeves. Its flair, its hot pink poplin fabric, and its crop-top levels of bodily coverage are what will turn heads. So if you’re not afraid to show some skin, you need this outfit in your life. You should definitely pair this outfit with some Kamilah Heels in fuchsia—and perhaps some floral earrings. 

The Loan Skirt + the Carter Jumper

Is the weather a little chilly out? Then the Loan Skirt and Carter Jumper combo may just be your bag. Made from matte satin fabric, the Loan Skirt is as versatile as it is frilly. Because it is all white and no-frills—and yet simultaneously frilled to perfection—it is neutral enough to pair with tops both formal and casual. Specifically, this mini skirt was produced to be paired with the Carter Jumper: a soft, fluffy jumper for cooler climates. The Carter Jumper has a deliberately oversized fit and a burgundy tone in the sunlight. 

Though these garments appear to be mismatched, their pairing plays right into contemporary trends. Flowing jumpers and elegant skirted attire are all the rage right now. This outfit is a great option for cooler evenings or milder temperatures. If you want to picnic without turning every head in the park, this is also a much more modest choice than the Loulia-and-Melina combo above.

The Miaora Bustier + orange leather pants

Image: Alamour The Label

Pair the Miaora Bustier with orange leather pants and, from a colour theming perspective, you’ve turned the Loan Skirt/Carter Jumper look on its head. The bright orange leather pants of this outfit draw the eye downward, and the Miaora Bustier is like a dollop of cream atop this tangerine feast for the eyes.

Fitted with off-the-shoulder sleeves and a V-cut crop, the Miaora Bustier strikes that comfortable middle-ground between dressy and understated. Sure, it’s super stylish and structured to perfection, but it’s also small and white and subtle enough to meld into whatever look you’re going for. We think the Miaora Bustier was made for these orange leather pants. This outfit would be a perfect pick for a picnic—provided you’re sitting at an outdoor table. It’s classic and yet understated enough to blend into the outdoors.

The Love Me Bustier + denim jeans

Image: Alamour The Label

Do you have Valentine’s Day picnic coming up? If so, the Love Me Bustier may just be screaming your name. Pair this adorable little top with your favourite denim jeans and you’ll be a winner. At its heart, this look is a casual one, but—not unlike the Miaora/orange leather combo—it does have one striking centrepiece. Who wouldn’t want a woman with a heart of scarlet red?

The Love Me Bustier has a lace-up back and ruffled trim around the edges. It is this frilly finish that ultimately steals our hearts. So, if you want to give your picnicking partner a surefire sign, don’t just wear your heart on your sleeve. Eliminate the sleeves altogether and wear your heart all over!

The Zaina Dress + a straw sunhat

Image: Alamour The Label

When dressing for a picnic, sometimes, you needn’t look further than a simple summer dress. From its V-neckline to its scalloped hem, the Zaina Dress is a five-tiered, white wedding cake of lace that finishes with a midi cut. It has a basque waistline, a sheer bodice, and a secret side slit. Though there are a lot of moving parts, they all work together to create a seamless image of simplicity. We look at this elegant, white ensemble and only see lightness and modern romance.

The best way to top off this picture of intricate simplicity? With a simple straw sunhat. The one pictured brings a rustic quality to the ensemble, and it even matches the picnic basket! Straw is a neutral tone that complements white well. It’s like a subtle shadow that underscores the main event without distracting from it. To complete the outfit, we recommend a pair of Laila White Heels. Such a cute look for summer!


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