Well staying healthy is all what we want and the key to staying healthy is having proper food. Our food and our lifestyle are always inter related. We generally end up eating more oily and fried food if we eat outside and party a lot while if you exercise and are a fitness freak you diet may be different. But one thing is what all of us want all the time that is eating some food. We just need to make a few changes in our lifestyle to be able to live a better life with healthy food intake. We just need to choose wisely, snack wisely. Everything will depend on the food items we choose in long run, say switch a fried potato snack to roasted almonds. Now we will discuss the ways and means by which we can change our habits and eat healthy to stay fit. We know we cannot be on a diet forever to stay fit so this is the only solution to the problem of staying fit forever.dv2119007

Stock up a lot of healthy stuff:

You will get what I want to say if you answer yourself with the question I ask you. What is the food item you eat when you are at home? Well think about it, it may be different things for different people but one thing is for sure it will be something which you have stored at your place. So that’s the solution to the biggest problem. You eat what you have, so get yourself what you must have..! Stock up lots of healthy stuff in your kitchen, your refrigerator everywhere and the next time you are hungry you will only have healthy stuff ;).

Change your snackies and munchies:

Most of us have a habit of continuously having something or the other while doing our respective jobs. We tend to sit and start munching anything. What you need to do is change these items that you munch to something healthier. For example switch to roasted kaju’s, almonds or boiled pulses or any other healthier snacks instead of those fat inducing fried chips.healthy-girl-eating-veggies-fruits

Eat slowly chew properly:

What is important is to chew your food properly. The most ideal situation is when you chew your food 32 times. It is important to chew your food and eat a little slowly as the stomach needs around 20 minutes to realize whether it is full. When you eat fast you tend to eat more and thus that results in over eating.

Say no to soda drinks:

It has now become a culture of having co2 filled drinks whenever and wherever possible. The first thing you order when you go to a general store is a soft drink. When someone comes to your house it has become a welcome drink. This habit needs to change. Get in the habit of having juices or milk shakes instead. They are healthy and in no way lesser in taste than any cold drink. With this inclusion you can cut down on the excess calories without any nutrients that the soda drink burdens you with.

Upgrading leftovers:

What do you do with the leftover food after the party?? Those paneer tikkas and many kinds of fruits and veggies??? You generally throw them away if they are not in abundant quantity. What you can do is have them mixed and use them for some healthy paranthas the next morning. It will save you some money, get u some healthy breakfast which is good to the tongue.

I want to add to the list water. Have lots and lots of water every day. At least 2-3 liter of fluids is necessary. If you add these to your lifestyle and change it a little. You will live longer and happier.

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