Women love wearing casual and comfortable clothes. They would put on their go-to shirt and pair of pants whenever they have to step out of the house. But there are times when they would want to change their fashion style. The ladies would feel like they have grown out of their usual attire and want to update their looks.

Some women would want to dress up and look more feminine instead of the usual sweatshirt and jeans style. But updating your style can be a challenge, especially when you cannot find something nice from your wardrobe. Kelly Coe, owner and designer of Augustine clothing, recognised this dilemma since she also experienced having a shortage of feminine fashion pieces after starting a family.

Like Kelly, you can start building your feminine fashion style using the following tips:

Tip #1: Find Inspiration Online

If you do not know where to begin to achieve your feminine look, you can turn online to find inspirations from different sources. You can visit the sites of trustworthy fashion bloggers, online fashion magazines, or social media influencers. These sources can provide you with plenty of tips to help you find the latest fashion trends that you can follow.

Tip #2: Shop In Stores That Specialises In Feminine Fashion

It can also help if you will take a look at some of the choices offered in fashion boutiques and online stores. Certain brands create fashion pieces specifically for women. They usually provide choices for casual daywear or formal attires for a special occasion that would suit all women. You may also ask their staff for some recommendations to help you achieve the look that you want.

Tip #3: Wear Clothes With Feminine Prints And Textures

Some casual clothing pieces like sweaters, jackets, or pants may not help you achieve the feminine style that you want. But these items can still look dainty and are made with feminine textures and prints. They can find regular shirts embellished with lace or sequins. They can also find fashion pieces made of silk or satin fabrics.

Also, ordinary shirts can look more feminine if it comes with prints like polka dots and floral designs. Kelly made her Augustine clothing brand with these factors in mind to help women look great even while wearing typical clothing pieces during regular days.

Tip #4: Wear Feminine Colours

When talking about colours that appeal to women, the hues that would remind you of everything sweet, beautiful and romantic always come to mind, but it does not mean that you must limit yourself to pinks, corals, or peaches. You can also choose clothes in pastel colours like lavender or pale green if you want to go for lighter hues.

Alternately, you can also wear bright colours when aiming for a feminine look. Yellows, purples, and blues also look great for any woman. Hot pink is also a trending colour for women who want to make a fashion statement.

Tip #5: Add Cute Accessories To Your Wardrobe

You can wear a simple black dress but still, look feminine. It only needs some cute accents to achieve your fashion goals. You may opt to put on a pair of floral earrings or pile up dainty necklaces to have that girly glow. You can also put on a flower headband or match your dark clothes with a brightly coloured bag to perk up the dull effects of the black dress.

Looking feminine can be a welcome change to your usual get-up. If you want to get out of the usual bland look that you normally wear every day, then these tips will make you look extra beautiful every time you need to change your style for a special event.


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