A proper hair care routine contributes to lustrous, healthy hair without tangles. If you want the kind of hair you’ve always wished for, you need to follow some golden rules. These rules will transform your hair, and you can even get your hair looking like the hair you see on your favorite shampoo advert. These do’s of hair care will go a long way in making your hair look much better and healthier.

Gently Brush Your Hair Once or Twice Every Day

Brushing your hair too frequently can damage your hair. You do not need to brush through harshly too, as this could scratch your scalp and damage your hair. 

The amount of time you need to brush your hair depends on your hair type. Generally, brushing your hair one time per day is enough to keep it tangle-free and fine. Although, you may have to brush twice daily if your hair is very long and straight to prevent knots. On the other hand, if your hair has curls, frequent brushing is not advisable as they’re more fragile.

When brushing, start from the lower half of your hair before working your way to the roots. With this, you’d be preventing your brush from pulling your hair due to tangles at the root of your hair.

Avoid Hot Showers

No doubt, hot showers help relax your muscles and calm your nerves but keep your hair covered. Hot water can be damaging to your hair because it can stimulate your scalp to produce additional oil. Very cold water is also not advisable because it can’t remove the excess oil on your hair.

 For best results, always use warm water when washing your hair and use cold water for the final rinsing. The cold water ensures that your hair cuticles are closed, moisture will be locked in, and your hair will be much glossier and shinier.

Treat Wet Hair Gently

When your hair is wet, you need to treat it with great care! Wet hair is fragile, and brushing it at such a state can damage your hair. 

After washing your hair, simply blot it gently for faster drying. Then, use a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles and use a brush when it’s dry.

Use Your Shampoo Moderately

The general misconception is that the more shampoo you use on your hair, the cleaner it becomes. This is wrong. Apply shampoo moderately and according to the length and thickness of your hair.

Use a quarter lump for an average-length hair and increase it for long or thicker hair. If your hair is short, reduce the amount of shampoo. Also, apply shampoo to only the scalp and not the tail end of your hair. 

The shampoo in your scalp will get to the tail when you’re rinsing it off. Pay more attention to your scalp and massage it to boost circulation and detoxification.

Choose Shampoo and Conditioner with Quality Ingredients

Every brand will claim to use quality ingredients for their conditioner and shampoo, but this isn’t always true. You need to look out for some important ingredients as some products are made with low-quality ingredients. 

Watch out for ingredients like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and fragrances as they can damage your hair. Ingredients that are beneficial to your hair include plant oils (olive oil, coconut oil, e.t.c), plant butter, and hydrolyzed keratin. The Kevin Murphy bedroom hair care products contain premium ingredients for your hair.


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Golden Rules of Good Hair Care: The Do’s

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