Are you one of those who are diet hard sweet lovers? When you go to gym the first thing you tell your trainer is “I can follow any diet but cannot give up on any sweets”? Or are you a chocolate lover like most girls are (even boys nowadays are total chocolate lovers). Or are you one of the desi girls who just love gulabjamun, rasmalai, rasgulla, barfi and all these wonderful Indian sweets? Well if the answer to any of the above questions is a yes then this is the right piece of advice for you. I know what having a sweet tooth feels like, it means you just cannot stop having your favorite piece of sugar and then add up all those unwanted calories. But the answer to such cravings is not their abandonment and thank fully so you can have some of them but in a controlled and regulated manner as if you completely shun them away you might face even greater cravings which might end up being irresistible. There are some easy ways by which you can minimize their consumption and gradually see them end.Woman-eating-sweets

Take a note of nutrient deficiencies:

Lack of nutrients or deficiency in some particular nutrients like chromium, vitamin B3 and magnesium cause the problem of craving for sugary food. If you consume proper nutrients and have a good diet it can reduce your cravings for sugar. This not only tames your sugar cravings but the above mentioned nutrients also help in improving blood sugar levels.

Saying no to sweets is not how you deal with them:

When you say no to something you end up having more. This is so very true with sweets, when you ban yourself from having sweets what happens is you bind yourself like the water is captured in a dam and when your craving exceeds what you can bear, the dam gets broken and you end up having a lot of sweets. So, many experts suggest that you should treat yourself once in a while with sweets which will help you live like you want and save you from over eating. What should be kept in mind is that the eating part should be controlled and you should keep a check on whatever you are eating. You can treat yourself with a small piece of the sweet every now and then to silence your sweet tooth.

Get all spiced up:

Add to your list flavor drinks with spices and herbs instead of sugar. Say add mint to the almond milk you are having instead of sugar. You can have various such permutations and combinations. Another can be adding salt and pepper to nimbu paani instead of regular sugar. This not only changes the taste of your drink but also saves you from the sugar content you want to avoid.women-sweets-eating-craving

Think before you eat out of emotion:

There has been seen a tendency of emotional eating in people. When they get tensed they eat, whenever there is a situation they are emotional, there are more chances of eating sweets. So what one can do is thinking before eating rather than just having sweets continuously. If you think before you eat there are lesser chances of you eating more.

Try a detox:

Introduce a lot of green vegetables into your diet. You can have it raw or added in a juice. They not only detoxify but also help regulate blood sugar by providing protein and also minerals. These also help in maintenance of blood sugar levels of the body.

I hope this will help you come over your craving of sweets. Do share your experiences with us, till then stay fit, stay beautiful.

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