In our previous article we talked about the shoulder exercise for the beginners. Here we continue with the next set of exercises. These are a little tougher and thus give better results. These are what we called the advanced set of shoulders exercises. While you start with these it is advised to first read the previous article and follow the workout plan elaborated there and then move to these exercises.

Arnold Press:

As you are already a month old and probably have undergone numerous schedules of weight training 6 sets are suggested.

In every set there need to be at least 12 repetitions. Also the number of reps depend on your goals. If you want a ripped body try doing as many reps as you can. But if you want to gain some muscle or mass around the deltoid region try lifting a little more weight, the more the weight the better it is for gains. But in all circumstances you must be able to take out at least 8 reps.

As this is the first exercise you can start with a little heavier weight.
For girls- 5 kgs for the start and depending upon goals increase the reps or the weight or both simultaneously.
For boys- 7.5 kgs for the start and then gradually increase to as much as you can lift.
The technique is a little different from shoulder press. Here you need to twist your arms (as show in the picture) while lifting. The position must be stable and correct for gains. Increase the weight only after you are doing the exercise right otherwise might lead to a ligament tear.

Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise Bending:

This exercise has an effect on the back of the collar which makes the fitting of the clothes you wear perfect.

Start with 3 sets of this exercise and gradually increase to 4, 5 and 6 as you gain strength and better the position.

8 to 12 repetitions. At first it will be difficult to do the reps due to the new muscle and also the jargon of the position but as you get known to the position increase the reps.

For girls: 2.5 to 3 kgs will suffice. You may increase to 5 kgs after sometime if you feel like else even a 2.5- 3 kg dumbbell is sufficient for this one.
For boys: 5 kgs ideally. But if you are unable to find the correct position you may first get the position right via a 2-3 kgs dumbbell and then gradually increase the weight to 5 kgs and beyond.


Well it can be done two ways as shown in the pictures. But it is advisable to do it sitting on a bench as it allows you to focus on the body part as it makes retaining the required position a lot easier. Focus on a straight back and avoid a hunched one.

Frontal Raise:

3-4 sets may increase up to 6 after gaining strength and stamina.

8 to 12 reps (each side in case using dumbells)

For girls- 2-3 kgs and the increase to 5 kgs.
For boys- 5 kgs and increase as much as you can lift.


Well this one is a comparatively simpler exercise. The focus should be on lifting the weight up till your head and then gradually bringing the dumbbell or plate down slowly. Three ways of doing this exercise. One is using single dumbbell, second using a weight plate for front raise and the third one where you alternate and do one hand at a time. The pictures will make it clear.

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