According to obstetricians, it is completely normal for pregnant women to experience back pain. This is especially true during the early stages of being in the family way. It’s due to a couple of reasons: The softening of the ligaments in preparation for labour, and the tension that the weight of the baby rapidly growing in the womb applies on the back.

Back pain usually goes away gradually after giving birth. Unfortunately, it tends to return as the mother lifts and carries her baby frequently. The pain is usually caused by either a strain (an injury to the muscle or the tissue that connects the muscle to the bone) or sprain (an injury to the tissue that connects the bones). In rare instances, it can be blamed on either a herniated disc or sciatica, which needs to be seen and treated by a specialist.

Fortunately, there are many ways to keep new moms from having a sore and achy back. The steps that they may take range from the use of a well-designed baby carrier to eliminating excess pounds. With the right solution, back pain can be kept to a minimum, thus allowing you to focus on taking good care of your little one with little to no hitch.

Lift Correctly

Knowing how to properly lift your newborn from the crib, stroller, car seat, floor or diaper station is one of the best ways to keep unnecessary back pain at bay. Bending from the waist is a complete no-no as it can put a lot of strain on your lower back. What you need to do instead is bend your knees each time while keeping the entire length of your spine straight.

Use a Baby Carrier

If you have to carry out other tasks than looking after your baby, it is a great idea to get your hands on a baby carrier. Also sometimes known as a baby sling, this must-have for new moms allows you to carry your baby hands-free practically anywhere you go or anything you do. However, make sure that you go for something that is properly designed. The best one for the job has a wide shoulder strap and allows your little bundle of joy to sit high against your body for proper weight distribution, thus saving your back from a lot of strain.


Provided that your obstetrician has told you that it is safe to go back to exercising, consider working out regularly. The goal is to perform exercises that help strengthen the back. It is also important to tone the core muscles to help stabilise the spine. Working out helps eliminate unwanted pounds, too, which can contribute to having a sore and achy back.

Rest and Sleep

It’s no secret that being a new mom is no easy task. You have to carry out many things, in some instances on a 24/7 basis. However, the importance of having plenty of rest cannot be stressed enough. You should also do your best to get enough shut-eye each night, especially because sleep deprivation can increase your sensitivity to pain, such as the kind that affects your back. Grab every opportunity to take a trip to dreamland, obstetricians say.

Maintain Good Posture

Whether or not you are carrying your newborn, it is a must that you keep your posture correct. This is true no matter if you are sitting, standing or walking. Doing this helps keep your back muscles as well as the spine from getting unnecessary strain.


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