Weddings can be an expensive event even when working on a budget. With other competing priorities, some couples will sacrifice taking a honeymoon either as a way to save more for newlywed life or the fact that they cannot afford the expense. For the married couple, the honeymoon is a special time when they can be alone and celebrate their relationship as husband and wife. A honeymoon does not have to be about an exotic island getaway. There are a number of ways that couples can have their dream honeymoon and save money at the same time.

Saving Money

For newly married couples, the honeymoon is an important time. They will want to plan something special for their honeymoon that is out of the ordinary so that they will always remember it. However, doing this does not have to mean spending a fortune. There are three ways in which the honeymoon couple can make their money go further and have that special moment together.

Planning for the honeymoon is necessary. Those getting married need to think about setting a budget for the honeymoon and sticking to it. They also need to think about their priorities. The honeymoon does not necessarily have to be somewhere abroad; they might stay in the country for example.

Timing can be important when it comes to planning a honeymoon and saving money. Couples when planning the honeymoon need to be asking themselves some questions since timing when they go offers the potential for savings. Do they need to consider whether they can go out of season for example? Holidays tend to be much cheaper when taken out of season. Similarly booking the honeymoon early or at the last moment can mean savings as the cost will reflect demand.

Thinking Out of the Box on occasions those special honeymoon moments do not have to come from an exotic island getaway. By thinking out of the box, newlywed couples can achieve more for less. For example, looking at all-inclusive holidays and cruises can keep costs down. Equally a honeymoon that does not involve a hotel (camping for example) might be one couples idea of a special honeymoon.

Useful Honeymoon Tips

There are many useful hints and tips available that will allow newlywed couples to keep down the cost of the honeymoon or get more for their money. While every couple’s circumstances are different some ideas for saving money on the honeymoon include:

  • Go off-season.
  • Be flexible.
  • Go all-inclusive.
  • Use last-minute sites and vouchers.
  • Stay local/close to home.
  • Make the arrangements yourself/Book Online.
  • Consider a honeymoon gift registry.
  • Set your priorities/budget.
  • Think about the length of the honeymoon.
  • Discounts and coupons.

The likelihood is that with planning and using more than one or two of the tips mentioned, newlywed couples should find that they can save money and have an enjoyable time.


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  1. Your tips are very useful. I didn’t had the chance to have a true honey moon when I gof married but once I got a great job, I traveled a lot and every time I traveled I considered many of the things you mentioned here. We all should just in order to avoid useless spendings.

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