Well as we age our body develops needs of some special care for us to remain fit. We must eat in accordance and with keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of our bodies. Especially for women who turn 60, they have faced many physical changes in their lives from pregnancy to after menopause. The type and needs of the body change and they require special attention. Today we will discuss about the nutrients your body shall need after you turn sixty. These are majorly vitamins.


Vitamin B6:

This vitamin is essential for your body especially after sixty as it performs multiple functions. It improves your immunity which is majorly needed at this age. It also boosts the production of brain chemicals and hormones. The risk of various heart ailments is also reduced with its intake.

Vitamin E:

This is an essential if you want to maintain good skin. It maintains moisture in your skin thus keeps it healthy. With good moisturization you can prevent wrinkles and ageing.

Vitamin D:

It is the nutrient responsible for maintaining good health of the bones as it helps in the absorption of calcium in the body. It also prevents you from catching problems like arthritis, diabetes and improves eye sight.

Vitamin B12:

The problem with this one comes if you are a veggie as this one is generally found in non-veg food. You require around 2.4 mircograms of this vitamins if you are above 60 and it is essential as it helps in the proper functioning of nervous tissues which make up the nervous system and brain. It also helps cure conditions of anaemia.

Folic acid:

It not just boosts cell production in body but is also very healthy for the nervous system. 350-400 mgs of folic acid is enough for a women who has crossed the 60 marks. A completely essential nutrient.

Vitamin C:

Derived from all citrus fruits like lemon, amla etc this one is also very essential for women who have crossed 60 as it has the ability of carrying antioxidants of the body and as a result you can be saved from cataracts and some types of cancers.

Vitamin K2:

For calcium to be utilized by the body not just vitamin D but vitamin K2 is also essential, as this vitamin provides the carrying capacity of calcium without which calcium cannot be easily carried to all the bones and parts of the body.

Vitamin A:

From immune system to bone strength and vision. This vitamin helps in all three making it completely essential to include this nutrient in your diet. So ladies have this in your diet, increase its amount as soon as you touch 60.

Other Nutreints:

Calcium and Iron: We have talked about calcium a number of times in the article which in itself suggests the importance of calcium. The bone density of women starts to decrease after their mid 30’s thus calcium is one of the most important nutrients of the diet. Secondly iron, is also essential for you body especially after you reach 60’s.


Magnesium when taken along calcium works as the muscles relaxer. Thus it becomes all the more important for our body due to its use for the muscles. Magnesium also works for the betterment of brain functioning which generally becomes slow after 60. Thus magnesium is also a must have in your diet after you reach 60.

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