Let’s face it, you’ve probably never heard the love of your life say she’ll settle for a small diamond. But your budget may be another story. The good news is that there are ways to make an engagement ring look bigger than what it really is. Here are some top tips.

Consider other shapes of diamonds.

The most common diamond shape for engagement rings is round. They’re also the most expensive. They’re difficult to cut from a rough stone and they result in a great deal of wastage. However, take a look at a few less popular shapes, and you’ll quickly find you can increase the size of the stone for a tighter budget.

For example, an oval emerald rings women gives you far more stone for your money. Since a carat is actually a measure of weight as opposed to size, put around and another shape of the diamond together and you’ll see just how much of a difference it can make.

Choose a slimmer engagement ring band.

Something worth considering is that the wider the ring’s band is, the smaller the stone looks. What’s more, a slim band makes a diamond look bigger. So, choose a slim band, preferably one that tapers as it gets towards the stone. A pinched shank, for instance, can make a diamond look rather impressive.

Choose slim prongs.

If you have your heart set on a Moss agate ring, choose one with slimmer prongs. These cover less of the stone, making it appear larger. So, opting for four prongs rather than six gives more attention to the stone, allowing more light to enter the diamond, too, and allowing more brilliance and sparkle.

Think about the metal.

The way adding a couple of mirrors to a small room makes it look bigger, the same goes for using bright white metal bands to make the diamond look larger.

The shiniest and brightest precious metal for Alexandrite rings tends to be 18K white gold. This jewellery is covered in a very thin layer of a hard element known as rhodium. The rhodium protects the soft gold from scratches and also makes for the extremely shiny and white metal.

Another advantage of choosing 18k white gold is that it is far more affordable than platinum. That means you can put more of your budget towards increasing the size of the diamond to ensure it looks as big as you can afford.

Consider a halo setting.

A halo engagement ring is a sure-fire way to make the diamond look larger than it is without actually having to splash out on a massive stone. Keep in mind that diamond prices don’t increase linearly. So, a two-carat stone isn’t going to be twice the price as one carat. It’s more likely to be 8 times the price!

On the other hand, small stones that are used in halo settings weigh around a fiftieth of a carat but cost 1,000th of the price of a one-carat diamond.

A halo setting is therefore an excellent way to add extra size and bling to an engagement ring without having to buy a larger centre stone.

Overall, don’t forget to set your budget and stick to it. You can then use the above tips to find a diamond that appears bigger than it actually is!


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Tips For Making A Diamond Appear Larger

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