Women’s health during all stages of growing up is essentially important and requires proper commitment to remain healthy at all times. Most basic measures that come in our minds are exercising well, maintaining a nutritious diet and controlling the extra weight while also cutting down on bad or adversely affecting habits. Ever so important alongside these actions is to consult a professional physician to keep good health in check. The urgency to be in a good shape, mentally, physically and emotionally rises more during pregnancy, which calls for utmost commitment, not just for the mother to be but also the child in the long run. It becomes crucial to be handy and knowledgeable about every minute information which will make your pregnancy stage comfortable and mistake free.



Contributing largely to a healthy weight, proper fetal brain development and significantly decreasing the birth defect chances, a nutritional diet on a regular basis does all the magic. Various diseases are kept at a bay and daily exhaustion or sickness occurrence is eliminated to a stress-free level.

Protein, vitamin C, calcium, iron-rich food picks, whole grains, adequate fat along with season specific fruits and vegetables are sufficient to let you enjoy a well balanced food diet.



Make sure to be always in schedule with your checkups and appointments which ensure that you are following a safe routine, eventually of a suitable decision for the infant and mother’s post-pregnancy health.

A highly talked about matter is pregnancy while women on their period, to which the answer is that high chances lies in not getting pregnant during period. The factor is due to non occurrence of ovulation which lets the pregnancy phase be at a bay. But a few exceptions can well turn the tables and prove the likeliness contradictory, one such instance being an abnormal period cycle. Visit Check Pregnancy.com for insightful details on health, women and kids and parenting, while also elaborating on tools that help during pregnancy.



During any women’s pregnancy, the parenting styles are one of the most debated and thought on topics which concern the parents the most, obviously. Authoritative pregnancy is considered to be an effectual and a well-adjusted style of bringing up kids in a safely yet freely managed environment. What is authoritative parenting, it is a democratic manner of supporting and instilling values in the kids, with their decisions kept well in mind too.

All and all, the entire pre and post pregnancy stage is full of careful planning and execution, which starts with the mother’s health. So consult the doctors, organize your diet chart, manage your daily work plan and take maximum rest for a calm mind during the phase to deliver a healthy baby, a reflection of your timely and careful precautions for the entire 9 months.

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WOMEN’S HEALTH- Towards A Balanced Planning

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