Did you know that the global precious gems market is worth approximately $23 billion?

Precious gemstones have been prized for their rarity and stunning appearance for millennia. And, they are as valuable as ever. But what are the different types of gemstones that exist today?

We’ve put together this helpful guide to teach you everything you’ll need to know about the best gemstones on the market. That way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when buying a gemstone.

Read on to learn about different gemstone types.

Diamond Gemstone

Diamonds are the most valuable – and the best known – precious gemstones in the world. They are also the hardest substance known to man.

Diamonds take up a vast majority of the global gemstone industry. While they are relatively common, with thousands of diamonds mined each year globally, high-quality diamonds are extremely rare – setting the standard for the rarest gemstones in the world.

Uncut diamonds are rough and rounded. However, when they are cut, they have brilliant luster and vibrancy.

Garnet Gemstone

Garnet is a name for a wide range of similar mineral gemstones. They are available in almost every color, although red and orange garnet gemstones are the most common. They are sometimes referred to as rainbow gems.

Because they are affordable yet attractive gemstones, garnets are popular gifting stones. Garnets are small, with the rarest and largest gems measuring around 6mm.

Check out Tsavorite – a beautiful green garnet that makes for a striking piece of personal jewelry. 

Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst is a well-known gemstone that is part of the quartz family. It is characterized by its vibrant violet color. Amethyst gemstone is available as cut stones, jewelry, or in its crystalline form. Crystalline amethyst is a popular ornamental gemstone.

Although the stone is normally dark purple, it can sometimes have a red tint or a slight purple tint that fades into clear quartz.

Amethyst has been prized for its decorative merits for at least 2000 years. Although manufactured amethyst is available, it is not very common.

Ruby Gemstone

Rubies are pink or red gemstones. They come in a variety of red tones, ranging from dark red to crimson and pinkish red. Residues of the mineral chromium cause the red color.

The rarest, most valuable rubies have a full, deep-red hue with high clarity. Rubies are very hard – they are as tough as sapphires and are only slightly softer than diamonds.

Almost every ruby has defects – Rubies that are free of flaws are extremely rare. Gemologists look for natural faults when identifying rubies.

Types of Gemstones Made Simple

While this rundown is far from exhaustive, we hope it serves as a good introduction to the world of precious gemstones.

Hundreds of types of gemstones exist today. From collecting to jewelry and even gemstone investing, gemstones play an important part in today’s luxury goods market.

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