Hello to all the readers! We live in a world where trying your first and the very first spectacles has become utterly common..Right? I have in my own friends circle experienced this… That people who dont own spectacles, have this wish to try yoursand the ones who do own one, they just want to get rid of it for instance me :p. We have many options to get rid of spectacles obviously.. Like getting laser treatment or maybe contact lenses. To guide you through today in this article requires knowledge which I own already! 🙂

Now choosing lenses is not that difficult but it sure asks for your interest in wearing them and how willing you are to take care of it.


Let us look at some of the factors-

  • The limit to which your eyes can tolerate lenses.
  • What you expect
  • Refraction error of eyes
  • Allergies (if any)
  • How often you want to wear them on

Based on the quality of sharpness and clarity, we can say there are generally two kinds of lenses i.e.

  • RGP ?(rigid gas permeable):
  • Made of plastics and silicone and other materials like fluoropolymers.
  • It needs you to wear it on a daily basis to get comfortable.
  • These are also available in various colours to choose from.
  • Although they are found to be prone to scratches. Available as bifocal and multi-focal.
  • Soft lens:?These are in a way a recent development and are less durable when compared to hard lenses; hence tend to be more expensive. They are available in varieties-
  1. Disposable
  2. Non-disposable
  3. Monthly/Weekly disposables

Although soft lenses are a good choice while travelling or for a specific occasion. But always and always consult your doctor before any step you take.


How well does contact lens fits your budget?

Again, the kind of lens you choose, prescription, the place from where you are buying affects your budget, and do keep in mind to include the cost of lens solution which are to disinfect and clean your lenses.

It might vary if you intend on wearing coloured ones, special effect lenses. Although precisely the cost cant be put.



You might find it very easy to put on with, if you are following the correct regime of taking good care. It can also prove to be dangerous if you dont use proper hygiene in taking care of your lenses. So lets look in to what all things are to be made sure of-

  • Always wash your hands and dry them before any do with lenses.
  • Seek professional advice first and clean your lenses regularly.
  • Keep your finger nails short and avoid sprays and hard chemical substances.
  • Always use proper storage case to place lenses. Avoid the case from getting dirty. Also replace the cases every 3-4 months.
  • Use fresh solutions for cleaning.
  • Act according to doctors prescription towards your lenses.
  • Never ever go near heat while wearing lenses, itll prove to be hazardous.
  • Do not go swim wearing lenses.
  • Be regular to the eye tests and prescribed appointments.

Lastly if you are having any problem in maintaining you lenses, do consult your doctor or eye care specialist. Take care guys. 🙂

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How To Choose And Maintain Contact Lenses??

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