There are certainly a whole lot of misconceptions and myths attached to shapewear. The most common questions and concerns around shapewear are, which are the best shapewear for women? What is shapewear used for? Who is supposed to use shapewear? How to wear shapewear? So today we are going to bust the most common myths and misconceptions about shapewear. And in the process of doing so, you will get to know how versatile and accessible shapewear can be.

Myths about Shapewear

Wearing a size too small will be more effective: The purpose of your full body shaper is to refine your shape and curves, do not expect them to change your size magically. Moreover wearing a size too small for you can be very uncomfortable. Shapewear is all about making you feel confident about yourself without causing any pain.

Only plus size women opt for Shapewear: There is no denying that a lot of plus size women own shapewear but so do a lot of non-plus size women. The difference you see, shapewear before and after will be just that shapewear refines the lines of your figure to boost your confidence which has nothing to do with your BMI. Moreover, shapewear is all about providing comfort and support to our bodies.

Shapewear can be a substitute for Exercise and Diet: Sorry to disappoint you but no shapewear can be a substitute for exercise and diet. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are vital for your well-being. One thing can not replace another, so shapewear can coexist with an active lifestyle and a healthy diet to make you your most content and confident self.

Shapewear makes you sweaty and is uncomfortable: This surely is a hangover from the bad old days as the fabric used for making shapewear today is improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. The fabric is completely breathable now, garment panelling and design also ensure that the shapewear focuses support on a specific area. This ensures that the compression does not cause any discomfort.


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