Generally, when individuals decide they want to propose to their significant other, they already have an idea of what they want to do. However, for those who have yet to decide on how they want to go about their proposals, there is no reason to worry as there are a number of great ideas that they can take inspiration from.

The classic proposals include placing an engagement ring from Jeulia in a champagne glass or proposing on New Year’s Eve or any special occasion. While these are romantic options, there are lots of unique public marriage proposal ideas that you can also look into.

Since you’re planning on putting your heart on the line for the entire world to see, let’s make sure you don’t end up with a hundred broken pieces. Here are four ideas for the best way to get her/him to say Yes to your marriage proposal:

4 Most Romantic Ways To Propose In Public

1. Pop the question with a one-of-a-kind ring.

While diamonds have always been the go-to engagement rings for women, there are a whole lot of other options available. You can opt for rings with coloured gemstones or you can customize a ring to best suit the personality of your special someone. Indeed, there are selections of wedding ring sets that you can look into and choose from.

4 Most Romantic Ways To Propose In Public

2. Propose at a concert.

Concert proposals are gaining a lot of popularity these days, no thanks to our favourite singers and the successful marriage proposals at concerts they’ve performed. Imagine rocking out to your favourite artists and belting out to their songs when suddenly, he/she gets down on his/her knees and pops out an moissanite engagement ring, asking you to say yes to a lifetime of togetherness. How romantic can that be?

If you’re unable to book for an internationally renowned artist, don’t fret. You can always go to local artists with cover bands performing. Talk to them ahead of time so that you can inform them of your plans to propose to your loved one. This way you can coordinate with them on which song you’d like to have them play, specifically choosing one that means a lot to your relationship. You can also get in touch with the organizers to ask permission to go up on stage to propose during or after the performance. This way, you ensure that you are not going to be asked to vacate the stage or be penalized for disruption.

4 Most Romantic Ways To Propose In Public


3. Ask for her/his hand during a vacation.

Take advantage of a picturesque destination and an amazing vacation to propose to your special someone. Make sure you look into your itineraries so that you can insert the proposal without giving away the surprise. If you are in a tropical destination, sunset at the beach can be a great backdrop when you ask for her/his hand in marriage. So will a lush garden with gorgeous blooms and a starlit night sky if you are going on a mountain escapade. Always choose scenery and moments that you think will make for an unforgettable marriage proposal and when your partner will most likely agree to give you their hand.

4. Plan it with her/his family or best friends.

Whether you’re proposing to her/him during a concert or at the beach, requesting the assistance of her/his family and her best friends will make the proposal extra special. These extra eyes, ears, and hands will help ensure that you are giving your special someone a surprise that they will love and forever remember.

Planning a flawless proposal is half the success, the rest is up to your jaw-dropping delivery! So, make sure that you do it right.


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