Hey hi all you people. I was just wondering what makes me the happiest. Chocolates? Partying? Gyming? Playing some sports? Swimming? Well they all do but there is nothing that makes you happier more than shopping the perfect clothes and accessories. If I talk about myself, I love shopping in any form. From the streets of Sarojini to the shops in Select City Mall to E-shopping. There are hardly any places I have spared when it comes to finding the right clothes and matching accessories. Well this might be so as I am very particular about things. I want the exact thing every time. Well that makes me search through each and every piece in every store I go. This indeed is a tiring process, and over that bargaining with the shopwalas of Sarojini makes it even more hectic.the-smart-way-to-shop-and-save-online

But now I generally do all this at the comfort of my own room and chilling A.C. no more roaming around on the streets of Sarojini Nagar and Janpath, and travelling. I just open my favorite websites and shop what I love. Even now I search each and every piece scrolling up and down. The thing I generally miss is the bargaining and getting discounts which kind off made me feel a sense of achievement. Well thats what happens isnt it? Whenever I buy anything which I am able to own at a cheaper price than all other people, it gives me great sense of accomplishment. Hahaha kidish?? Yea I know but I am sure you must be feeling the same many times.

That flavor of street shopping which I missed, I found a way to fetch it online too (well I find what I like everywhere). Apart from some online discounts that all these websites offer you can get?fashion coupons and discounts?on websites like CupoNation which you can visit and check out all the deals. I browsed the website and found Yatra coupons for myself to save on my Yatra purchase Well I know how fetching the cheapest buy makes one feel and saves one’s money. So I thought why not share my own experience and liking with all my readers. I hope you too are enjoying the new experience online and I will for sure keep our readers updated with all great deals that I come across.

Till then bbyefolks :*

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