Hair is one of the most important parts of our body and we all want them to grow faster and thicker. But rarely do we see good hair growth. Irrespective of the reason behind it we opt for the same treatments. As a medicine for headaches doesn’t solve the purpose of itching, knowing the reason for the stunted growth is very important. So today we will look at the 7 biggest and most important reasons for stunted hair growth.

1) Unhealthy Scalp:

This is one of the most prevalent reasons for the slow growth of hair. A healthy scalp that is not able to breathe and is not free of dirt and other unwanted elements makes things worse. Therefore cleaning the scalp needs to be prioritized and clogged pores of the scalp need to be kept in constant check. Regular cleaning of the scalp leads to better and healthier hair growth.

2) Hair Breakage:

Hair breakage is another important aspect of stunted hair growth. It might appear that the hair is not growing but instead, the breaking of them might be causing the length to not increase. It is generally seen that hair after reaching a point in length become weak in sustaining itself and thus lead to breakage.

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3) Age factor:

Age always has an effect on the quality of growth and hair loss. With age, the oil produced in the scalp gets decreased and therefore the hair is less hydrated than in past, which makes them fall at a rapid rate. The perfect remedy to this is getting regular hair massages and hair masks. This not only relaxes you but also hydrates the scalp giving all desired things it needs.

4) Split Ends:

Ask any girl her worst enemy and it would be split ends! It is not unknown that some women are avoiding haircuts but still not gaining length. Well, it is because of the split ends which are caused by chemicals, pollutants and above all dryness. This is the reason why it is always advised to keep your hair hydrated and trimmed (every 10-12 weeks).

5) Genetics:

They play a very important role in our hair cycle. They determine to some extent how much our hair is to grow. There are always some things which cannot be helped, this is one such thing. So if you have it in your favour thank your parents and if not, accept and deal with it as there is no other option.

6) Medication:

The medicines you take have a direct impact on hair. So it is advisable, whenever you are under medication keep the doctor’s phone number handy and pay regular visits to him so as to keep your hair in a good condition. Also with the recommendation of doctors you can also take some supplements which aid in hair growth such as vitamin B12 and zinc.

7) Unbalance diet:

Our hair is made up of proteins just like all other body parts. Also, vitamins are very important in ensuring hair growth and quality. Therefore an unbalanced diet directly affects the quality and growth of hair. It thus is advised to keep healthy food in your diet making it a balanced one.

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Therefore the next time when you face a problem of slow or stunted hair growth focus on all these problems and rest assured you shall have the solution with you.


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  1. Great information. It’s so important to look at anything possibly missing from your diet when it comes to hair loss/ lack of growth before wasting a crazy amount of money on products. My scalp is prone to getting dry so that’s usually the biggest issue for me when it comes to hair health.

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