You could apply expensive makeup essentials every day but what if you don’t segregate them based on your use? Makeup holds a very special place in a woman’s and a girl’s hearts and therefore it’s important to pay special attention to it while buying & using it. You are soon to get married and have always dreamt off of this on the big day, in that regard, we have the best makeup essentials suggestions for you to stock up in your makeup kits. On the other hand, whether you are heading for your college, lunch, or a day out with friends, there is always a little makeup touch that you need. And for that, we have got some ideas stored as makeup essentials for your everyday use. Why do you want to hire a makeup professional in the hope that they would have everything you need!? To keep you all prepped up for your everyday use and wedding day and after, scroll down to see our ideas on makeup essentials every woman should own for everyday use & to make up a perfect bridal kit.

Things Needed For A Perfect Bridal Makeup Kit

A new bride is sure to keep the bridal makeup kit with her on her big day and a few years after that! Every day when the ‘Dulhan’ needs to look her the best, she should be having everything needed to rock her makeup and complete her bridal makeup kit. Growing up to see yourself in a certain attire and look on their special day is what every woman dreams of and thus there are a few mandate makeup essentials that should be perfect for a good bridal makeup kit!

Primer: A primer is one of the most important parts of a girl’s makeup list. This makeup product prepares your skin to hold your makeup at its place after you apply your skincare products. It keeps your makeup fresh throughout the day and forms a base for your foundation hiding pores and reducing fine lines. And a perfect primer will also regulate dry and oily skin.

Eyeliner: Another essential makeup ingredient that can make or break your complete look is eyeliner. From dramatic liner styles to creating natural looks by accentuating your eye shape, an eyeliner is what you need. While black is the most popular choice, you can try it with different colors for a pop.

Kajal: You should never forget to keep a kajal in your bridal makeup kit that can give a sharp and bold look to your eye makeup. Although black is the most popular choice, you can use a little white kajal on the inner corners of your eyes making the eyes look bigger and more awake.

Mascara: Which woman doesn’t want to do up with mascaras? Mascaras simply enhance your eyelashes making them look bigger and fuller. These give an appearance of bigger and brighter eyes by thickening and darkening the appearance of the ashes.

Basic Eyeshadow palettes: If you are a pro, it’s fantastic to buy different eyeshadow palettes, but what if you are getting married & just a makeup beginner? Well, you should complete the kit with basic eyeshadow palettes with a set color scheme in mind. You might have to choose from a wide range of different styles like smokey or cut crease. An ideal palette has a good mix and match of shimmery, nudes, dark shades, metallics to create different eye looks and contours.

Lip Liners: Lip liners are a must to minimize unevenness and keep your look neat. You can try experimenting with lip liner shades by keeping them different from your lipstick for a great look. Although it is your personal choice, lip liners make your lipstick look better and last longer.

Concealers: Late night sleeps and tiredness during your wedding may cause blemishes and acne, focused. Concealers brighten up the area that makes you look as fresh as ever. So, you should choose the one that does not crease and blends in nicely with your skin.

Bronzer: Contouring is a makeup list item that can add dimension to your face for a more chiselled and sharp look. You can create an illusion of a sharper jaw and slimmer face, contour for a sharper nose, small forehead, and an edge jaw by using a bronzer.

Different Lipstick shades: Every bridal makeup kit is incomplete without lipsticks and multiple shades. You can either pack in a set of lipsticks you like or maybe a whole palette for a compact set of choices. From liquid, mattes, to different bold or minimal shades but ultimately it depends on your style and the look you want to create for yourself.

Blush: While we’re sure your wedding day will give you enough moments to have a natural blush on your face, but it doesn’t take away anything to have that healthy glow throughout. Blush gives a subtle flush of blooming and vibrant colors to your cheekbones and vibrancy to your bridal look. So, choose from pinks, reds, corals to flatter your complexion, undertone, and lehenga color!

Nail Paint shades: Because you get your hands manicured perfectly during your wedding, keeping different nail paint shades is great! It keeps your nails shining and the centre of attraction for the guests and your husband of course!

Makeup Remover: Removing your makeup has never been easier and it’s very important. Every bridal makeup kit should have a good quality makeup remover to get rid of your makeup and errors.

Foundation & Compact: Foundation acts as a perfect base for your whole look. Of course, your wedding look is incomplete without one! It creates a smooth canvas for blemish-free and flawless makeup! Make sure to get foundations for yourself matching your skin tone! Whereas a compact powder or a setting powder would help you set your makeup in the right place for long hours.

Highlighter: A highlighter is a makeup product that helps bring attention to your facial features. If you want to look all glammed up and glow like light, highlighters are there to brighten up your face and make your bridal glow even more noticeable.

Rose Water & Sunscreen: Before you start with your makeup, good skin is the perfect gateway to flawless makeup. Rosewater is a must as it happens to hydrate skin, and is said to be a great natural toner. Whereas, sunscreen is another bridal makeup product for your skin protection necessity, in case you’re planning for a daytime wedding, especially in summers.

Moisturizer: Another basic product that should definitely be a part of your makeup kit is a moisturizer. Because moisturizing your face hydrates your skin and makes the surface smooth to make sure your makeup base spreads out evenly. 

Lip Balms: Lip Balms are a must for your lips to have soft and supple lips. Thus, it’s very important to pick the right lip balm that has the maximum amount of hydration!

Makeup Brushes: Your bridal makeup kit is incomplete without a few makeup brushes and thus, you should try buying brushes and sponges you need for the bridal makeup kit that lets you apply the makeup precisely.

Beauty Blender: A beauty blender easily lets your concealer and foundation blend smoothly. Also, make sure your blender is of high quality, or otherwise, your foundation will not spread smoothly.

Hand Mirror: A bride’s best friend while getting ready will always be a hand mirror. It’s always good to have one handy that can help you review your makeup progress and point out errors. 

Sindoor & Bindi: You will need sindoor and bindi after you get married so include them in your makeup kit for sure!

Rock Your Marriage & Full Up Your Bridal Makeup Kit Now!

So, after you are done deciding your dream bridal kit, invest in some of the above makeup products suggested by us to make you have that perfect bridal glow!

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