Every person has a foodie in themselves, either it is an exposed one or it is a hidden characteristic that has a potential to come out anytime and anywhere. What matters are the price and the quality of the food that we go out for, or in many cases order for home delivery that makes us a foodie on a scale of 1-10. With a life filled with hectic schedules and a little less of a time for our entertainment factor, we often have to think of some better and tastier deals and food filled events that would satiate our lifetime of tiredness and hunger.

Let’s get down to the prime talk of the week that is the Great Indian Restaurant Festival (GIRF) happening on a massive scale for all the food lovers who have ever desired to dine in the best cafés in the half cut prices with the best of flavours enriched with the ingredients of local lands and innovative spaces that excel in generating finger licking dishes.

It is quite a common and natural human behavior to not be able to decide a nice place to eat for spending a good time with our family and friends and we then usually end up going to the same restaurant that we go to all the time. But now there is a solution for all the indecisiveness that we go through before going anywhere with the help of Dineout app started by four friends in Delhi who wanted to change the way we Indians choose to go out and eat. Dineout is the preferred online table reservation app which adeptly caters to over 100,000 diners a month in 2,500 food outlets across 8 metropolitan cities throughout India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.



The cherry on the top is that the app, Dineout is going all live with India’s first and the largest restaurant festival called The Great Indian Restaurant Festival which would be offering flat 50% discount at 1000 restaurants across the country.

Get ready to eat at India’s 1st and largest Restaurant Festival popularly called as The Great Indian Restaurant Festival, where everyone would dine on the delectability of flat 50% discount that would circle around 1000 best restaurants and buffet. As a customer, the deals would follow your eating schedules every single day and to note that bookings have started from the 29th of January, 2017. The line up of the deals at 50% off at top 1000+ restaurants is not only exciting but also broadened in terms of categories like:

  1. Flat 50% of discount on various foods.
  2. Flat 50% of discount on various buffets.
  3. Flat 50% of discount on alcohol
  4. Special deals and offers at dropped down amazing prices.

To get the leads on the interesting details of the festival click on the link below:


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