Many of us do regular workout and some go to gym regularly. But there are some of the silly mistakes that we end up doing without even realizing that we are doing them. We therefore decided to make a list of such things for our fellas so that they do not repeat at least these mistakes.

Common mistakes at gym

Missing Out On Post Workout Proteins:

Well many of us might know that after we are done with a rigorous routine our muscle fibers break and they need proteins for their repair. Therefore ideally we must consume good quality quick absorbing protein within 40 minutes of our finished workout. If you don’t do that your muscle fibers don’t get the food for repairing and then end up not giving you the desired results which means all efforts in vain. So if you don’t follow this basic rule, time to change the way my friend!

Abs And Body Is Made In Kitchen Not In The Gym:

Well however shocking it may sound to some but this is the hard truth. However hard you make work in the gym you wont fetch results unless you back it up with a proper diet. Your gains show on your body only after you prepare a good diet plan and follow it. Also you need to take proper proteins, carbs, minerals etc. depending on your workout plan. Which means too much workout without diet is as harmful as no workout with excessive diet.

Lifting Too Much Weight:

Sights are not uncommon where you see people in gym lifting 20-25 kg of dumbbell and when you see their bodies you would find yours better with a 5-7 kg dumbbell in your hand! Well that is what some people do, lifting too much weight forgetting that lifting weight gives you result only if? you have proper exercise positions and movements. They just pick up the heaviest weight in the gym and lift it like lifting a LPG cylinder not caring about how it needs to be lifted. Even lesser weights give you great results. So the focus should be on lifting right and then lifting as much as you can.


Ignoring Stretching:

Not many people opt for it. They come run, lift and leave. This is an established fact that not only does a good stretch reduces injuries but also aids in getting better results. So next time you hit the gym do stretching twice. Once before the workout and once after its over.


Ignoring Major Body Parts For Mirror Muscles:

Well there are many gym going chaps who have respectable bodies and have never done legs. Some don’t believe in abdomen workout. While some completely ignore cardio. Ignoring any part of the body is a mistake and that too a big one. So give requisite time to each body part and see the difference.

Taking Too Much Time Between Sets:

Well ideally only 30-45 seconds should lapse between two sets. But many people generally get indulged in talks with friends or a message here and there on the phone or a phone call or too long a water break. There are many reasons for not completing the sets in time. This not only reduces the effect of the exercise but also robs you of better results.

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So The Golden Rules Are

  1. No cell phones in gym.
  2. No talking with your partner in between the sets and also after it. Except when asking for a set of dumbbells.
  3. No chit chat with friends during workout.

So these were some of the common mistakes we make and must avoid. So hopefully after reading this the next time you hit the gym you will remember what to avoid.


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