You need to hire a good cross country mover since cross country moving is tough and comes with various tasks. Professional cross country movers handle every aspect of your move. However, it is not easy to hire a good cross country mover. 

Focus on finding the right mover since some movers do not have a license and insurance. You may end up spending more money if you hire them. Hire a mover you can trust to get your belongings safely to your new home. 

Here are the top tips on how to hire cross country movers: 

1. License and Insurance 

You do not want to deal with scammers for your move, so check the license and insurance of the mover before hiring one. Check the license number of potential cross country movers to avoid losing money to moving scams. 

You must also know if the mover has proper insurance. It is easy to trust a mover with a license and insurance since you know they are qualified to move your belongings safely. 

2. Ask for Recommendations

Asking for recommendations is one of the easiest ways of hiring the right cross country mover. Therefore, ask your family members, friends, neighbors, and even co-workers for recommendations. They are happy to recommend a good mover. 

They can even share their experience with their mover. If they had a positive moving experience with their mover, they would refer you to that mover. Hire the most recommended mover. 

3. Get Moving Estimates

A good mover does in-home surveys before giving you their quotes. You can also consider hiring full service movers for relocation if you wish to make your movers pack, load, unload, unpack your belongings. Get moving estimates from multiple cross country movers to know the average cost of moving across the country.

Do not choose the first offer you get from these movers. Compare multiple quotes to make an informed decision. Therefore, compare these movers based on their price, services, and additional charges.

Hire a mover that suits your moving budget. 

4. Experience of the Cross Country Mover 

You need to know the experience and professionalism of the mover before hiring one. You may find movers with no experience in cross country moving. It is hard to trust them with your belongings since you are not sure if they will transport them safely across the country. 

Ask multiple movers about their experience. Experienced movers will take care of your cross country move in the smoothest way possible.  

5. Check their Customer Reviews 

It is easy to know the reputation of moving companies these days. It is possible to know the reputation of these companies without leaving your home. Use the internet to search for customer reviews of moving companies near you. 

You will find these reviews on several reputable websites. Also, read negative reviews to know what the mover did wrong. Hire a cross country mover with several good customer reviews. 

6. Compare their Services 

Professional full-service movers offer a variety of services, such as packing services, loading and unloading, furniture assembly and disassembly, and many more, to their clients. Therefore, compare the services of potential movers. 

That is why you need to know the services you need before hiring a mover. For instance, hire a mover that offers packing services if you hate packing. But ensure you can afford the extra services of the mover before hiring them. 

7. Read the Contract 

Some people completely trust the cross country movers, so they do not even bother to read and understand their contract. They end up regretting signing the contract. 

There is nothing guaranteed, even though there are estimates and binding and non-binding estimates. You have to understand the contract before you sign it. 

Ask for the mover for an explanation if there is something you do not understand. 

8. Ask for Customer References 

The best cross country movers have been helping people move across the country for several years. They have a lot of happy and satisfied clients. And they share their customer references with their potential clients. 

Therefore, ask these movers for their customer references. Talking to previous customers of these movers can help you make the right decision. 

These are the best tips on how to hire cross country movers. It takes time to find the right cross country mover. Therefore, do not rush to hire the first mover you find. Compare their services, and experience before making your final decision. 

Hiring a reputable, reliable, trustworthy, and experienced cross country mover can help you avoid moving scams.



How much does it cost to move across the country?

The average cost of moving cross country is around $4,300. This includes packing and transportation services. Depending on the size of your move and the distance, you could pay anywhere from $2,000-$6,000 or more.

What are some tips for finding a good mover?

Some tips for finding a good mover include getting quotes from multiple movers, checking customer reviews online, comparing their services, reading the contract carefully before signing it, and asking for customer references. Doing all these things can help you find a reliable and experienced mover that suits your needs and budget.

Do full-service movers provide packing services?

Yes, full service movers offer a variety of services including packing services. Before you hire a mover, make sure you understand the services they offer and that you can afford the extra costs associated with those services. 

Are there any checklist items I should consider when preparing for a move?

Yes, there are several checklist for preparing for a move, such as making an inventory list of all your belongings, getting quotes from multiple movers, researching customer reviews online, comparing their services and experience before hiring one, reading contracts carefully before signing them, and asking for customer references. Taking these steps can help ensure that your move goes smoothly and safely.

What safety measures should I take when using a moving service?

When using a moving service, you should always wear protective clothing such as gloves and masks, practice social distancing, and sanitize all frequently touched surfaces. Moving companies should also provide their employees with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). Additionally, check that the movers have valid insurance policies in place to cover any potential damages to your belongings during transit. Lastly, make sure that you get a signed copy of their contract and keep it for future reference.


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