Those old days are gone when you had to wear glasses as a mandatory rule if you were suffering from unclear vision. Even the spectacle market has grown its business by addressing new styles of specs for customers to try out. But the truth is, you don’t always want to wear spectacles. Even the lenses might get too much to handle after a certain point when you have to wash them daily, keep them safe, and so on.

Well, the relex smile advanced laser vision correction process is what you want to address right now. If you are willing to improve and further protect your eyesight without going for spectacles, then this modernized laser-centric approach is the one for you.

Learn more about it:

You have probably heard about relex smile for the first time. It is targeted as one minimal invasive process, which will not need flap creation. Nowadays, maximum people prefer this version over the older options of LVC like the Contoura vision or the LASIK. 

Right now, the popularity of this method is on a hike, and it has already worked on 40 lakh eyes with an incredible success rate. In short, you can state this process to be a quick one and entirely safe for you to address. Moreover, it is a bladeless method, which will ensure faster recovery once done.

Reasons to go for this option:

There are so many reasons behind the growing popularity of relex smile these days. Want to learn more about that? Well, let’s just get on with the options mentioned below:

  • You are free from using lenses anymore. This method is well-designed to eliminate the need for contacts and even glasses.
  • You can further improve your eye strength with the help of this process. The patients have benefited from corneal stability and long-term eye strength. These are the two characteristics of the SMILE procedure.
  • Another interesting reason to head towards a relex smile is the rapid visual recovery. Most people get the chance to return to their normal activities just the next day once the process has been covered successfully.
  • The entire process is rather simple and quick. It will take just a few minutes from the start till finish. This process will use an FDA-approved laser for reshaping the cornea, which will then last for 30 seconds. 
  • It is one of the best and most noteworthy minimal invasive procedures. If you compare it with some of the other options, this method will only deal with a keyhole incision, which is as tiny as 2 to 6mm. This hole is made for lenticule extraction, and that’s about it!

Now for the cost:

For the relex smile surgery, you might have to invest somewhere between 50,000 INR and 65,000 INR. It depends on the centre you have chosen for the surgery. But, as you are getting premium-quality surgical help with extreme care and faster recovery, the rate seems okay. It will further offer added benefits like zero flap risks, reduced dry eyes, and more. So, get your name enrolled for the next appointment!


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How To Improve And Protect Eyesight Without Glasses

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