I know how it feels when you exercise so hard and are not able to lose weight or get those abs that you have always been craving for. But for all of you who don’t know I will tell you that abs are made inside the kitchen and not in the gym. Well obviously one has to work hard in the gym but if its 30% gym then 70% depends on the diet you take. So for that you must know what exactly you should have in your day so that you are fit and running and also don’t overeat. We must ideally have more small meals in a day rather than having 2 or 3 big ones. So we will go with 5 small meals. What is also important is to maintain proper protein levels of your body throughout the day. So we will focus on meals which are low on fats and high on protein.  Eat after 2-3 hours constantly to maintain body energy levels. We here take more meals because they don’t make us lethargic and they help maintain proper energy levels throughout the day.

Brown and white eggs for health benefits



This is the morning meal so you can take some carbs along with some protein.  So go for 2 brown breads with 1 egg white and a glass of milk. The first meal of the day need to have some protein and also some carbs for protein requirements and energy needs respectively.


You need to keep some protein rich food in your diet all day. Here you can go for boiled spinach along with salad. Here spinach will give you the required proteins.


Add to your diet a glass full of vegetable juice in this meal and some carbs along with some boiled chicken. The amount will depend on your weight and weight loss and exercise regime. If you are a veggie then instead of chicken you can opt for cottage cheese or tofu or soya beans. Cottage cheese though is not very much suggested as it has so fat in it and you want to lose weight.


If you are an evening gym goer like me then this meal of yours should be a minimum of 1.5 to 2 hours before your workout and this meal should necessarily include some carbs. You can have one mashed boiled potato or some oats to fill you tummy with food and your body with energy for the workout. As carbs are energy giving food they help you maintain good energy levels during your work outs. This is the only meal in the day which should have good carbs. This meal is the carbs requirement filler of your day.


This is the post workout meal and the last meal before you go to sleep. Thus it should include proteins as after the exercise the muscle fibers break and they want protein for repair. So include 2 egg whites along with a bowl of dal or fish or boiled chicken. This should be just after the workout within 30 minutes of your workout as the body needs instant protein after the session. Plus eat papaya in the night 2 hours before you go to sleep. This will end your day of eating.

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Catch Your Much Needed Beauty Sleep

Well to add to the above meals, I want to make you aware about the common mistakes we do.

  1. We don’t intake adequate amount of water so please drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.
  2. We generally sleep just after having food- you really need to avoid this as it leads to increase in body fat
  3. We don’t sleep properly- exercise and sleep and diet all go hand in hand so take at least 8 hours of sleep everyday
  4. We ban carbs and fats- while carbs are needed for energy, even some fats are necessary for the body, we must avoid fat rich food but once in a week is fine.

Well follow the above diet plan and let me know if you saw any improvements.

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