Eggs are one of the foods which I would classify as a super food. These are foods which have some really important and rare nutrients. It is a food which has so many qualities in such a small package. They are loaded with so many nutrients that they just have to be called super foods. They are a must in today’s modern world.  Life is so fast and we need a lot in small packages. This items fulfils these requirements. Not just its benefits but we will also see how many eggs you should consume daily for a better and healthy life. But first I will start with its health benefits.

Brown and white eggs for health benefits

Great source of protein:

As we all know eggs are a great source of proteins. They contain all the essential amino acids which make the proteins, and as for essential I mean the amino acids which our body cannot make. A normal egg’s egg white (albumen) contains 2.5 grams of protein and if you talk about whole eggs, the yolk adds another 2 grams to the protein content. They (egg whites) are largely used by body builders and other athletes to gain the required protein in their diet. With the right amino acids profile they also aid in fat loss. What more does one need? A great source of protein and a fat loss agent.

Beneficial for eye health:

As I have mentioned earlier it contains some rare nutrients, some of them are beneficial for eye’s health like lutein and zeaxanthin. It also contains anti-oxidants which all of us know are angel like for good health. All these three together help building up the retina of the eye. Not just the impact on retina but it has been shown by various studies that regular egg consumption also helps a person remain free from cataracts and macular degeneration.

Source of choline:

Choline a nutrient which generally people are not able to attain from a normal diet is present in ample amount in eggs. This helps in building cell membranes and also plays vital role in sending signals to the brain. This is one of those rare nutrients that people don’t even know exists. For this nutrient you need to have a whole egg. A normal whole eggs contains nearly 100mg of choline. So egg not only gives you quality wise important protein but also gives you a source of a nutrient like choline whose requirement is generally not met.

Don’t affect blood cholesterol:

No doubt that eggs are high in cholesterol content but the good thing is that this does not become blood cholesterol (which is quite harmful). An egg contains nearly 200 mg of cholesterol which is more than half of the required 300 mg cholesterol. What might shock you is that even having more cholesterol via eggs will not harm you much as it does not become blood cholesterol. Our liver produces a certain amount of cholesterol per day so if you take in more of it via eggs, the liver produces less of the same, so it overall evens out.

Eggs are filling thus help you consume less and lose weight:

The heading says it all, eggs have this tendency to fill your stomach and when your stomach is full with such nutritional stuff you tend to eat lesser of junk. With this tendency they help you lose weight.

After all the benefits we have seen many people eating eggs indiscriminately. Some body builders and athletes are seen eating as much as 25 egg whites per day. Well consumption shall depend on your body weight, daily physical activity and protein needs, but 4-6 eggs per day will do no harm and they are considered optimally healthy. If you want to be totally safe you can do one thing- and that is have two whole eggs and all others egg whites. I hope this article was helpful to you in knowing the benefits and importance of eggs. So do add these in your diet and stay fit and healthy.

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