We always speak and talk about pre workout and post work out supplements and which one is best for the taking. But what we forget is that we have so many fruits and snacks that give us the same energy and nutritional requirements that we do not need pre and post any workout. Today we will share with you the list of some great pre and post workout snacks and fruits that will do the job.sweat-workout-

Pre work out snacks:

A pre workout is a thing which must be taken 30-45 minutes before going for the workout. It gives your body the required amount of energy for the workout. The actual time that the pre-work out should be taken before the work out depends on the quantity and the kind of snack. Ample time should be given else you might suffer from stomach cramps. We will now take some of the best snacks which would work as your pre-work out.

  • Oats dressed up– the most necessary thing to have before workouts is some carbs, and oats are loaded with carbs. Cook oats and dress them up with shaved almonds and some dry fruits. This will act as an energy booster for you during the workout.
  • Eggs and toast– get yourself a piece of brown bread and 1 or 2 boiled eggs. This will add to the protein content of your diet and the much needed carbs before the workout.
  • Salad– you want a good starter? Go for a bowl full of green veggies, add to it a boiled egg and dress it up with vinegar. This can be your perfect companion for workouts. Have this around a good 45 minutes before the workout.
  • Fruit and cottage– fill in a bowl full of cottage cheese, add to the cup 1/2 a cup pineapple, berries or other suitable toppings and there you have a ready pre workout option.pre-post-workout

Post workout snacks:

As you might be knowing after the workout our body needs time and nutrition to repair the broken down muscle tissues. Our bodies have muscle fibers which break down after workout which need protein to get themselves repaired. So protein is the most essential element in anything that you have post workout. Now we will look at some post workout options.

  • Protein pancakes: for its preparation you need to mix 4 egg whites, 1/2 cup oats, 1/7 teaspoon baking powder, 1/2 cup vanilla abstract and last but not the least 1/2 cut cottage cheese (keep it low in fat content). Cook on slim flame till bubbles appear, then switch and flip it only to cook for another 45 seconds. Add toppings to your taste.
  • Banana shake: just add one piece of banana in skimmed milk as it is low in fat content.
  • Brown bread and egg whites– just take a brown bread and 3-4 egg whites and make a sandwich. Or your can even make an omelet with egg whites and the brown bread. A great post workout rich in proteins.
  • Protein bars– this is one of the best and the simplest ways to get your nutritional requirements fulfilled. Just go to the store and get yourself a protein bar. It is great to the tongue and no efforts required.
  • Paneer tikka– an amazingly tasty snack to have just after your workout. High on protein content, delicious to the core. You need to avoid it only on one condition if you are too fat or you are taking fats from other sources as paneer also has fat along with proteins.

This will it for now. These are some of the best pre workout and post workout snacks you can go for instead of spending your money of expensive shakes. They not only taste good, but are natural and easy on the pocket.

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