Hey hi gals what is it that even after so many days, month, years of workout one is not able to loose body fat and get that perfectly toned stomach…??? Well I will answer that today. That’s because abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym. SHOCKING…?Path To Your Better Health

Well however shocking it may sound it is true and it’s the food that you eat which determines whether you will have ABS or FLABS. In the last post I shared with you about the protein rich food which you must include in your diet, in this article I will discuss the vegetarian foods which will help you reduce body fat and help you attain those tempting cuts down your abdomen for which all of us crave.

First of all there is no need for getting accustomed to sea weed, soya or even olive oil( later I have discussed this one) to maintain a low fat diet. If you can, well and good, if you can’t no worries folks. It is possible to have a diet full with our desi Indian food which is low in fat.


Well as I have mentioned earlier it is not compulsory to have this replaced in your diet but if you love fried and cannot come over that craving then you must switch to this oil. It is low in fat content and gives you options for various tastes for your tongue. Well moreover if you include this in your diet it gives you a free hand on some food that you wouldn’t wanna miss. Further you have all the more reasons to include olive oil in your diet as after various recent studies it has been discovered that olive oil is effective against various diseases such as Cancer, various cardiac problems, oxidative stress, blood pressure.



This is a totally Indian remedy for various ailments. It contains an element named curcumin which has properties that may help preventing scarring and enlargement of heart. A must include element in your diet.


This is a thermogenic herb which fastens the metabolism and helps in reducing fat. Well, this shows no need to go for supplements to fasten your metabolism just go for cardamom 🙂 .


Well again what India is famous for is chillies and guess what they also are a thermogenic herb which helps fasten metabolism and helps you reduce fat. They lead to calorie loss after 20 minutes of their consumption, hmmmmm now you have ample reason for putting a little extra chillies in your food. It’s amazing isn’t it? Not even does it make the food taste better but also reduces body fat.


Well lasson or garlic, that white thing from the onion family is not just good for heart but is a fat burning agent too…! Yes, it contains a sulphur compound named allicin which has anti-bacterial effects and helps reduce body fat and cholesterol. This makes it a must have in your diet.


Well cabbage is a substance which prevents the conversion of carbs and sugar into fats. Thus in this sense it acts as a fat reducing agent. Well rather than cutting the fat after it occurs it helps you adopt a pro-active approach of fat control.


Well it looks like “honey is sweet thus I would add to the fats that I already am worried about”. But no this general perception is not true. Rather it helps the excess fat deposits to mobilize and in getting utilized in various body functions thus reducing the fat content. Ideally it should be taken with water in the morning.


All the fiber rich food such as millets-jowar, bajra, ragi, etc help in the secretion of the bile juice that reduces fat and also reduces cholesterol. Thus despite of being coarse grains they are hugely useful.

This will be it for now. Just eat these in the right quantity and form a suitable diet chart and you will be able to attain that toned abdomen, thighs, arms you desire.  So Guys stay fit, eat healthy. Tada….!

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List Of Food That Help Reduce Body Fat And Maintain Good Health

  1. i will surely eat the said stuffs in order to reduce fat as i am a healthy as well….Thanks for the post and tips a lot and keep posting such healthy things…..

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