Are you a veggie? And you don’t know how to get your omega-3 fatty acids needs fulfilled?? Linseeds or flaxseeds as we call them is the answer. These have been used since ancient times to fulfill various requirements and also because of their amazing properties. It is very easily available in the market near your place. Out of the many benefits of flaxseeds we will here discuss some of those which make it a blessing.



It has nutrients such as manganese, magnesium and vitamin B which help in the proper functioning of the body. These nutrients help in the maintaining of a proper diet.


In the condition on menopause women suffer from vaginal dryness, mood swings, hot flashes. But flaxseeds can be used to overcome such commonly seen problems by women. Thus it is free from any danger and you can have guaranteed results in an easy, cost effective and simple way.


Flax seeds are a real savior as they help in including some fiber in your diet. It otherwise is very difficult to find foods or substances rich in fiber to add to your diet but flax seeds here do a great job. They also help in reducing cholesterol and reducing body sugar levels.


It is helpful in type 2 diabetes. For improvement in diabetes take flax seeds regularly as it improves body sugar levels. Thus it is one of the few items which are immensely beneficial for diabetic patients.


Are you tired of getting caught by cough, cold, fever or other viral diseases??? This is the thing that you have to eat. Flax seeds boosts your immunity. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids present in them help in boosting immunity and improving your fighting power against foreign substances. With having these you will be able to do your work regularly as there will be less chance of you being caught in fever or cold.


Flax seeds have the properties which helps it act as natural laxatives. With the seeds helping in laxating you get relief from the problem of constipation and your excretion process goes back to normal.


Cholesterol has been the root cause of many of cardinal as well as other problems. But the properties of flax seeds i.e. them having omega-3, 6 fatty acids helps reducing the blood sugar levels and maintaining low cholesterol. It really solves so many problems just by its mere consumption.


These days heart diseases are the problems faced by many people and every other household. A good diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables helps reducing the risk of heart diseases. Flax seed is such a substance which helps to reduce the bad cholesterol of the body and maintain a proper balance. Plus it supplies the body with fibers. Thus it is a great inclusion in diet to fight all the heart problems.


Flax seeds contain a substance named lignans which has properties to reduce the growth of tumor cells. These lignans obstruct the overgrowth of these cells thus saves us from various problems. Thus these group of chemicals helps us get protection from cancer. These are the results of a study conducted in animals and not humans.


Flax seeds are rich in both photo chemicals and anti-oxidants which are beneficial for the body.  Further lignans present in flax seed improve the balance in female hormones, promotes fertility, and even prevent deadly diseases such as breast cancer.

I think you now might have enough reasons for including flax seeds in your diet. So start having it today for healthy living. Do share with us if you got benefited from this article. Till then stay fit, stay healthy. 🙂

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