Remember what you eat is what you become, and snacks that’s something you always want to keep munching be whatever the time of the day. It is such an important part of our daily intake that we end up having lots and lot of it without even knowing about it. So what if we switch to some healthy snacks and switch from our current lifestyle of potato fingers and fried chips? We can save ourselves from taking a whole lot of calories and fat. With this reduced intake we can live healthier and smarter. As it is a fact what you store up is eventually what you end up eating. So when you store up good stuff that’s what you eventually will have. So here today we will tell you about the stuff that you need to have yourself munching all the time. With switching to these you can be healthier and that is the reason I call it smart snacking.


Some chopped green salad:

First on the list is green salad. We all know how good green salad is for health! Filled with green veggies rich in fiber which boosts the healthy content without increasing the calorie intake. Plus, the veggies are a great source of flavonoids and anti-oxidants. You can add some extra virgin olive oil with some boiled eggs, tofu or cottage cheese to increase the taste and protein content of the salad. This can turn out to be the game changer as far as your diet is concerned.


If you talk about nutrition then this is the king. It has all the things necessary for our body. From all the essential amino acids to good fats, biotin, calcium and iron, it has it all, and you can make dozens of dishes out of it. You can add broccoli, carrots, and spinach to the dish you make of them and enjoy the snack.


A rich source of anti-oxidants and dietary fiber. This piece of leaves is a great food for the heart. You can add many ingredients to broccoli to make it a complete snack like salmon which is rich in cancer fighting mineral selenium. Even broccoli is a great cancer fighting agent. So this snack can turn out to be your shield against cancer too!


A great energy boosting food which has large amounts of carbs. Apart from the energy it provides it contains good amounts of potassium, magnesium, and sodium which have great heart benefits. The best thing about this snack is that you can munch it anytime anywhere, and no cooking is required, but if you have time then you can prepare yourself a tasty smoothie by mixing it with yogurt and nuts, or even make a shake out of it by just adding some milk.


This is my favorite and I use this more often than not as my go to snack. I many a times take it before workouts because of the easily fusible carbs that it contains. It not only gives instant energy but contains some essential fibers which are great for the heart. It can be had mixed with veggies or simply in milk.

Peanut butter, mushrooms and walnuts:

I have clubbed the three together as I like all three in the same way. Peanut butter contains some healthy fats, mushrooms are really low in calories and high in iron, riboflavin and niacin. While walnuts needs to generally be added to say yogurt, a smoothie or shakes it gives a crunchy taste to the snack. All these need to be added as supplements to some snack to add to the richness and flavor of the snack.

So all I want to say is stock these snacks up and eat healthy. I hope these were of some use to you and you now will switch from not so healthy snacking to a better munching habit.

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Your Guide To Smart Snacking

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