Proteins are one of the most essential nutrients that our body needs for functioning and it is also one of the nutrients that our body remains deficient in. Did you ever think why are these substances named proteins so important for our being? Why are they so important that we just talk about these and almost forget about everything else that our body needs…? We will answer all these questions today. From the things proteins are made up of to their functions and needs, from how much protein you need daily to when you need it the most, we will take a look at all these aspects of proteins.


All You Need To Know About Proteins

What are Proteins?

These are organic molecules which are made up of amino acids. Whatever form you take proteins in, they are broken down by your body into Amino Acids for digestion and utilization. Proteins are required by each and every organ of the body for the formation of their structures and even their functioning. Thus they are called structural and functional units of our bodies.

Why do we need Proteins?

Well this is an easy question, as they form the structures of all organs and tissues they are essential for their being. Further a minimum amount of protein per day is necessary for proper functioning of our body. That minimum amount shall depend on your routines and goals. Proteins are also necessary for muscle recovery after a good workout and they also help in building muscles and repairing the broken muscle fibers.

How much Proteins do we need per day?

This is a very general question asked by many peoples alike. From body builders to normal people, all want to know the exact amount of protein they must intake in-order to maintain a healthy diet. Well the answer is, it depends on your body weight and goals. Say you are a body builder and you want to gain muscles then your daily protein requirements will be more than an average office going man. In general the protein requirements per day vary from 0.5 grams/ kg body weight to 1.5-2 grams/ per kg body weight per day.


For: body builders- 1-2 grams per day/ kg body weight.

Average male- 0.6-1.5 grams per day/ kg body weight.

Average female- 0.5-1.25 grams per day/kg body weight.

Does excess Protein damage our kidneys?

This myth has been circulating all the way at all places. But I have put it already it is a myth. Even as high as 2.8 grams of protein per kg body weight does not damage kidneys. This is so as breaking down proteins is a complex process and it requires more energy so it is not easy to digest so much protein, hence it gets flushed out of the body.

When do you need Proteins the most?

Well if you are into gyming and workouts you definitely need to have some good quality proteins just after your workout and the requirement is highest at that time. To add to it early morning protein is also needed by the body for maintenance of proper protein levels of the body throughout the day. So you need to have early morning as well as good night protein always. If you can have some afternoon protein its icing on the cake.

Biceps exercise for beginners in gym

What are the best Protein sources?

Well you can attain proteins from various places but according to the protein content in foods these are the best ones for you:

Veg: Pulses (especially whole gram), Cottage Cheese (paneer), Soyabeans, Spinach etc.

Non veg- Egg Whites, Boiled Chicken, Fishes, Mutton etc.

So here you go, this is all that you want to know about proteins, I hope you liked the post. Will be back with some more till then stay fit, eat healthy. For more keep following us at beautyandfashionfreaks.

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