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This question always comes to our mind that how to lose weight? So today I have come up with a weight loss guide. Trust me, If you control your daily diet by cutting more than 500 calories a day then it can defeat your purpose of healthy weight-loss because when you do that, your body’s routine changes, it starts to panic and leads to cravings which in turn causes irritability and metabolism gets slower.  So gals don’t skip meals, instead include the following diet plan for a healthy weight loss:
  • Walnuts: They are a very healthy source of MFA(Monounsaturated fatty acids) and Vitamin E. They will not take away your natural skin glow and sheen and will help you in healthy weight loss.
  • Yoghurt: Yogurt is an example of Probiotics which is the best fix to lose abdominal fat which is one of the hardest to lose. According to recent clinical studies, yoghurt is about twice as effective at preserving muscle, the only kind of tissue that burns calories while your body is at rest.

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  • Veggies & Fruits: There are many benefits of having fruits and vegetables in your diet. If you can add at least two kiwi fruits a day to your diet then nothing can be as good as this. They are an excellent fat burner. Broccoli and baby carrots are too good source of fibre helping in weight loss. You can try out various drinks made out of Carrots, mint and watermelon.
  • Beans, Soy and Lentils: Soya, legumes, lentils and non-fat tofu help in burning the body fat promptly. Moreover, they are very good sources of protein, high soluble fibre and energy.
  • Lean Meats: Red meats and Ditch including mutton, beef and lamb are rich in saturated fat. You can opt for lean meats and chicken. Tuna, salmon and egg whites can also be eaten.
So whats your daily diet plan and guide to weight loss?  Your Suggestions are most welcome

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