The most sought after time of the day is when you can relax and get yourself some hours of good sound sleep. Sleeping is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. It is something that we cannot ignore yet we sometimes end up giving it less importance. We all know how important it is to get some hours of good sound sleep. It not only keeps us fresh and energetic but is required by each part of your body to be able to function in proper order. It is a commonly known saying that we hear more often than not, i.e. people saying “I didn’t get a good sleep tonight”. Why is this so?? Why is being able to get good sleep so difficult?? Today we will discuss the ways to which if you stick you will improve. You will not only have the necessary hours of sleep without any sleeping pills but in the stretch of sleep, you will also experience improvement in the ‘quality of sleep’.

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Your Guide To Sound Sleep

Sleep to a schedule:

The most basic and the first thing you need to do if you are not experiencing a sound sleep. Just introspect the hours you have been sleeping, the time you have been going to bed, the time you have been getting up. Is there an irregularity? If there is, then there you go, the first problem lies in your sleeping schedule. You have to follow one schedule of sleeping. Fix your time of going to bed and to rise. Don’t even change that on weekends. If you fix the time and number of hours to sleep your body biologically adapts to those hours and you start getting proper sleep. Try it…!

Sleep diary:

This shall include what time you slept in the night, how much time does it take you to sleep?, how many times you got up in the night, what things bothered you in the night and all the stuff that you want to pour in. This will enable you know where the problem lies, and when you can figure out the problem the solution is hardly a step away. With this exercise you will be able to find patterns and know what affects you.

Quit smoking:

Nicotine is the problem here. We all know it is a stimulant thus it prevents you from falling asleep. Not just smoking avoid each item which contains nicotine to have some good sleeping hours. Smoking should be avoided even more because it gives rise to breathing disorders which can keep you awake all night.

Exercise at the right time:

Exercises especially cardio and aerobics are great sleep enhancers. They not only increase the length of the sleep but also improves its quality. The thing which should be kept in mind is that exercise should be completed a well 4-5 hours before you plan to go to sleep. As just after a workout the body temperature is on the rise for about 4-5 hours which prevents sleep. When it cools down after the specified time, does the brain release sleep inducing melatonin which then makes you drowsy.

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Give time to yourself for sleep preparations:

I so wish sleeping was as easy as charging your laptop or mobile phone. With an on and off button, but unfortunately it is completely the opposite, unless you are sleep deprived or too tired. Sleep comes slowly and for that lets say we should have some steps prescribed for us.

Step 1: For first 15-20 minutes do preparations for the coming day (plans for tomorrow, bag pack etc.)

Step 2:  Next 15-20 minutes focus on personal hygiene (brush, toning, face wash, moisturizing etc.)

Step 3: for the last 15-20 minutes you can go to bed reading something, practice deep breathing or any such kind of exercise.

Follow these steps and you will see an improvement in you sleeping behavior. Do share with us your experiences if any. Till then stay fit, stay healthy.

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Your Guide To Sound Sleep

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