Girls! Today I have come up with few ways that will really help you in tackling those troublesome days of the month, yes you guessed it right! I am talking about Menstrual Cramps. We feel bloated especially on those one or two starting days, mood swings just like anything and try to find out some ways anyhow that will relax the restlessness that we face. I am sure if you follow these few ways then you will definitely get your body at peace, be much relaxed and will be able to soothe the Cramps:

Walk: Walking is said to be a great exercise, it is, in fact, one of the easiest exercises which anyone can do to tackle menstrual cramps. This will help you in taking some good amount of air, thereby improving blood circulation and will relieve the pain.


Don’t just lie down: It’s really important that you should not simply lie down just because you are in pain or something. In case you don’t have an active lifestyle then plan one. Move out of bed and stay active.


Jogging: Truly speaking, jogging is one of the most popular exercises to move out of these painful cramps. Go out to some nice place say some nearby park etc with wearing the right attire, right pair of shoes and feel the change in your body by jogging.


Stretch your body: Stretching is also a very good exercise to relieve yourself of menstrual cramps. Be flexible; do stretch your legs and arms. This will help in easing belly pain by loosing up body muscles.


Dance: Dancing is liked by many and enjoyed by all J get up and learn some new steps and dance form, this will loosen up body muscles and you will not feel bored while working out J 

Aerobics: This is one of the most healthy and popular ways to tackle body cramps. This will help your body to stay in motion from head to toe.
Water Intake: Well-hydrated body is one of the prerequisites for a healthy body. Keep a water bottle handy, before taking and starting any form of exercise.


All of the above ways are really helpful and proven ways to tackle the MENSTRUAL CRAMPS. Try these ways and keep your body out of pain J stay energetic and healthy J


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Best Ways to Tackle Menstrual Cramps!

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