Are you camera shy just because you feel your face appears a little chubby or fat? Do you think that your face seems to appear inflated many a times? Then this post is just for you! Most of the times we mistake targeted exercises as the solution for face fat. Though there are many causes of fat face some of which are, overall body fat, genetic inheritance, poor diet and dehydration leading to more water retention in and around the face area, lack of important nutrients in body, the solution is two fold.


Now the most important question is can you reduce face fat, and how? Yes indeed you can, through dedicated exercise routines and also following a proper diet plan.

MYTH BUSTED: Well there are many people who confuse between fat and muscle and confuse the gain of one for the other.? Firstly both of them are completely different tissues and if you are working on one, the other not necessarily stands affected. In this context, therefore targeted spot exercise for cheeks doesn’t really work. So you need to reduce overall body fat % to reduce face fat, which makes the burning of fat all the more complicated and difficult in this case.

So now the strategy needs to be two way:

  1. Exercise properly
  2. Diet religiously

Exercises that will help reduce face fat:

To start off, all exercises help in reducing fat as they fasten up the metabolism, which in turn burns fat and thus helps reduce it. But some of the routines surely do help more in reducing fats. These can be listed as following.

  1. Running
  2. Skipping
  3. Cross trainers
  4. Other cardio and weight training

All these help in reducing the weight substantially and thus also target the face fat. Well there also is a golden rule called the calorie rule. It is simple, in order to lose fat burn more calories than you consume. So follow this and you will see improvement.

Things to eat and to avoid:

  1. PROTEIN RICH DIET: for reducing weight you must have a protein rich diet, and which is low on carbs. Also adequate vitamins and minerals are needed to be included. So eat lots of fruits, veggies and protein rich food but also ignore salty and sugary foods.
  2. SAY NO TO ALCOHOL: as dehydration increases water retention and thus the volume of your cheeks, alcohol needs to be avoid as it dehydrates your body and does all the damage.
  3. PROPER WATER INTAKE: previous point brings us to this one. Water intake in proper quantities is necessary for achieving the goals. Drink 8-10 glasses of water.
  4. HAIRSTYLE THAT MAKES YOUR FACE LOOK FAT: this is not related to what to eat but surely what you should do to make your face look better. So always keep in mind, while the work is in progress, support yourself with a hairstyle that makes your face look a lot slimmer. This is as important as the stripes and black tops that you keep account about.

There is no overnight solution but one thing is assured that if you follow these religiously you surely will see the results sooner than later.

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