Back pain is an almost unavoidable problem for most people. It’s estimated that over 80% of people will experience some variation of back problems in their lifetime. Ouch. As terrible as that statistic sounds, it makes complete sense. Our backs are a major foundation for the rest of our bodies. Nerves, muscles, discs, vertebrae, and the spinal cord are housed in the upper, middle, and lower back. Major back problems will, unfortunately, require chiropractors, physical therapists, surgeries, or even stem cell therapies — in an attempt to create new healthy tissue. To learn more about this potential stem cell solution, contact the healthcare experts over at ThriveMD. 


It sounds cliche, but living a healthy lifestyle has many positive benefits. Living a sedentary lifestyle (a lifestyle with minimal physical movement)  just isn’t good for maintaining a healthy body. Other factors like smoking and eating a poor diet play into this as well. When we take care of our bodies, the likelihood of sustaining injuries, diseases, and other problems is greatly reduced. Start by creating a regular exercise regimen to move around 3-4 times a week. Even walking or climbing stairs can have great benefits. Stretching or implementing yoga into your daily routine can help relax and stretch the muscles and nerves in your back. There are many back-specific exercises that address the upper, middle, or lower portions respectively.  


As any pregnant person could tell you, carrying a child can put intense strain on your body, especially on the back. Several months of added carrying weight will eventually take its toll on the body. The softening of ligaments preparing for birth and the tension produced by rapid growth are primary causes of back pain. Maintaining good posture, sleeping on your side, proper footwear and measured physical activity are ways to greatly reduce the oncoming back pain. After the baby is born, fending off back pain when caring for your newborn is vital. 


Whether you’re standing all day working retail or operating a jackhammer to break up concrete, our daily occupations can put immense stress on our backs. Repeating routine activities for long stretches of the day will eventually wear down the body. Taking breaks, sitting down, maintaining good posture, and wearing proper footwear are several ways to reduce accumulated back pain. If worse come to worse, bring these concerns to your supervisor to see if another solution can be met. 


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3 Common Causes of Back Pain Problems and How to Handle Them

  1. Unfortunately, the main reason is probably our comfort and way of life. We sit more and more, spend more and more time in front of computers, and we move less and less. I also had back pain problems – yoga helped me.

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