A wedding is the most special day in a girl’s life. She gets to do all that she wants and wishes. But there are generally some things we forget in this happiness and tend to bite the bullet at the last moment by compromising with things that eventually come our way. Today we will tell you about certain things that as a bride you must do and prepare in advance. Make a note, set a reminder on the phone, do whatever you wish to do, but you need to follow these simple and basic things to make your wedding a complete success.

First of all, make it legal:

In all the hosh posh we tend to forget to get the wedding registered which is the most important thing to do. That is the reason we have put it first in our list even though it is a post-marriage thing. Still, you need to make sure that you make it legal, get the papers of the marriage made.

Constrain yourself from showing how you will look on a magical day:

All of us ladies have a craving for showing the outfit of our wedding day to be sure of how we will be looking but this one is a complete no. Show it only to some close friends or your sister or mother to get the perfect advice. Don’t you dare put it up on any social networking site, it spoils the whole surprise of “what is the bride wearing”? You are set to be the celebrity of the day make it count girl.

Meet with vendors, stylists and makeup artists in advance:

Well, you have to keep all things in place a month before your day. All appointments must be fixed from pre-bridal to bridal. Things like your costumes and hairstyles for the day should all be practised and tried in advance. You must have the time fixed with all the concerned people so that everything turns out to be as planned and there are no hiccups on the final day.

Organize the accessories, honeymoon stuff and things you will need for travelling:

Well, as soon as you get married you change your place of living and go out for a vacation called the honeymoon. This is a very important part as most of us generally take this one casually and feel we can manage and do the stuff packed in a day after we reach the new house. Completely false, you won’t even get to know where the whole day went, so organize your stuff before that. Get yourself a travel bag and pack all that you will require for your honeymoon in advance from all pin to the laptop everything. This will make sure you don’t forget anything.

Prepare hotels and living arrangements for out of town guests:

Well, you must ensure that people who are coming to your wedding have a pleasant experience. So get all the people who are coming from outstation a room booked in advance so that there are no last moment accommodation problems.

Buy your groom a wedding present:

As you expect a present on the wedding night so does the groom. Buy something in advance and do not spoil the moment by saying “I will buy you our gift on the honeymoon”. It is a complete no. If you do this you will spoil the moment. So now go get him a good present, something that you know he will love, something of his liking even if it is an X-box, get it!

Plan a Hans party or an girls night out/day out:

Well, every girl has pre-marriage blues and what better than some girlfriends to chat it all out. Plus after this time you will be on honeymoon and then the busy schedule of the job you hardly will get any time for those G-talks, so make sure you go out with your girls.

And remember everything will be just fine so chill and enjoy the moment. Have a wonderful married life.


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