Fat as most people don’t consider, is an essential component for the body. It works as an energy store house of the body. To talk in general terms it provides the body with required energy in the time of need, but generally all of us face the problem of excess fat in our bodies. Fat is stored in adipose tissue of the body which is a connecting tissue between the skin and muscles. The larger one eats fat rich food the bigger is the layer of this tissue on your body. This is not it, fat is not limited to this tissue, but the more harmful fat is the one which is in the body cavity and in and around the internal muscles and blood vessels of the body. While the outer body fat looks ugly and has its share of side effects, the main danger and cause of worry is the internal body fat. This is the fat which leads to blood vessel blockages, cholesterol, heart ailments, diabetes etc. Thus it can be said though we need fat in our bodies, the right quantity and type is also a thing to look at.


Now one by one we will discuss the reasons why you should lose your body fat.

Reason no 1- breathing easy:

Well though fat is not deposited in the lungs but that doesn’t stop it from causing problems for you while breathing. If you have excess of fat above your stomach and on your chest it can lead to a compressing effect on the lungs. Further if you have a heavy neck (loaded with fat) then it also narrows your throat and cause problem in breathing.

Reason no 2- for curing diabetes:

The problem here is visceral fat. When you start accumulating visceral fat it has a possibility of seeping into the liver which can have grave consequences. Further with fat seeping in it makes you more lethargic and in turn you end up doing lesser exercises and a cycle starts. It has been found in various studies that there is a strong connection between fat seeping into the liver and type 2 diabetes.


Reason no 3- for a healthier heart:

Well this one in general we all know and have concerns about. Most people have this tendency of having excess fat in and around there chest. This does not end here, as they can also develop layers of fat inside the heart on its walls which is the root cause of all the heart problems.

Reason no 4- sexual healing:

Excess of fat can lower you sexual performance. It obstructs the blood flow to the genitals as a result you cannot experience the performance you would want. With elimination of such fat, you have your sex drive increased and erectile functions improved.

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Reason no 5- eliminates plaque in arteries:

The problem here is the hydrogenated fat present in junk food and animal fats. With its excessive intake you increase the levels of fatty globules in the body and in the arteries. This results in a substance named plaque deposited on the walls of your arteries. This deposition is a major cause of the obstruction of blood flow to the heart as a result the heart suffers from deficiencies and results in various heart related problems.

Some fats should not worry you much: yes there are fats which are not and should not be a cause of worry for you as long as they are not bothering you in physical movement. The fats which are deposited on your outer body muscles are not a cause of much worry. Sadly men tend to gather a lot of fat around their belly which though looks ugly but is not a worrying factor as long as it is not causing you moving problems or slowing you down. This is one of the most stubborn fats in the body which takes a lot of time and efforts to go.

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