Many couples go to the gym together as it allows them to spend some quality time with each other. Having a partner for workout sessions is quite beneficial. And, if you select your significant partner as your gym partner, it would not only be good for your physical fitness. It would also help you in strengthening your bond and relationship.

Is There Any Benefit to Working Out as a Couple?

Advantages of training as a couple:

Spend some couple time:

If you are a working couple, then you can easily understand the importance of spending some quality time with your partner. In today’s busy life, finding the time for each other has become quite difficult. Exercising with your partner would help you in overcoming this problem. You can talk to your partner and discuss day to day activities while going for a jog or doing a workout session with your partner.

Persistent Motivation:

Sticking to an exercise plan needs constant motivation. Various factors may easily distract you from your fitness goal. It can be AN effort to get out of the bed, challenging yourself for a more rigorous workout, etc. Your significant half would act as a significant motivating factor. As training partners, you can plan your fitness goal together and push each other towards the achievement of those goals.

Improves workout efficiency:

Another major advantage of having your significant partner as your training partner is, you would push yourself to impress or prove yourself in front of your better half. To make the training session more interesting, partners can challenge each other for sit-ups, reps, etc.

Increases the happiness factor in a relationship:

Exercise stimulates the production of happy hormone- Endorphin in the body. Intense workout with the partner would not only help both of you in achieving your fitness goals but would also make you feel happier. Also, during the joint exercise sessions, couples try to match their pace, as well as breathing. This further helps in deepening the relationship bond between the couples.

Training together as a couple also enables them to try something out of their comfort zone. Partners can learn new exercises from each other. They can be each other’s inspiration. The best part of the couples training sessions is, the couples can enjoy their workout without feeling any guilt of neglecting the partner.

If the couple’s workout aim is to lose weight, then, it’s essential to focus on your diet as well. There are numerous “Online Weight Loss” sites. You can refer them and follow a combination of the right diet and regular exercise regime.

Best Couple Workout:

As far as the couple’s workout session are concerned, there is a variety of exercises to choose from. Starting from going for a morning walk or a run to taking dancing sessions together. This variety also continues in the gym workout sessions.

Below we have discussed some workout exercises, that you might enjoy doing with your significant partner.

Squat Hold & Dips

This exercise can be done anywhere, as it does not need any kind of setup. You need a place to sit ( a chair, a sofa, or a bench). In this, either of you put your hands on the chair/bench, and the other partner takes a squat position while grabbing the partner’s leg. Hold the position for some time. Now, the partner with hands on the chair, make dips while the other remains in the squat position. Try to complete 15 reps and then switch the positions and then other partners take the dips.

Push Up Cross High Five

This is a push-up with a twist. This exercise is all about bonding and being in sync. Take a high plank position, perform a push-up. Just make sure to keep your back and legs straight. While coming up, lift your right hand an give a high-five to your partner. Do ten reps with high-fiving with one hand and then change the side.

Push-ups can be quite boring when done individually. But, doing them with a partner and adding some twists can make them interesting and also add a competitive edge to them.

Wall Sit with Tricep Dip

Wall sit is another exercise which can easily be done within a comfortable home environment. However, it’s quite a challenging exercise which will check your leg strength and body endurance. You can lose lots of calories while performing this exercise. In this, one partner places the back against a wall and take a sitting position. Keep your hips in line with knees, also keep your knees in a position such that they reach over ankle and the other partner performs the tricep dips taking the support of your legs.

Forward-backward Lunges with Medicine Ball Pass

Face your partner and start doing lunges. One of you moves in the forward direction while the other in the backward direction. In the beginning, one partner will keep the medicine ball at chest level. Both the partners will start moving in one direction performing lunges. Keep your back tight and straight while doing the entire exercise. Keep your knees at 90 degrees while performing the lunges. Partners also have to pass the ball to each other at the bottom position of the lunge. The ball is passed again before the couple pushes off and return to the original position.

Sit-up With Medicine Ball Pass

Performing sit-up with your partner and a passing medicine ball in between can add lots of fun element to this simple exercise. To start the exercise, both partners to take sit-up position with their ankles overlapping. One of the partners would hold the ball over the head. The partner passes the medicine ball to another partner during their sit-up position.


Next time you make a fitness plan, make your partner a part of it. This will not only strengthen your relationship but would also ensure that you achieve your goals faster.


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